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  • yknot

    You can believe that but I was in perfect attendance today....

    Would you like me to publish our coming PT schedule?

    We start June's KM this week

    Do you have the "Come Be My Follower" publication?


    Song 115

    Congregation Bible Study:
    cf chap.6 1-9

    Theocratic Ministry School:
    Bible reading: 2 Samuel 22-24
    No.1: 2SamueI22:1-20
    No.2: How Was the Law a Tutor Leading
    to Christ? (Gal. 3:24)
    No.3: How Should We Feel About Any Images
    That We May Formerly Have Venerated?
    (rs p. 1861[3-5)

    Service Meeting:
    Song 101

    5 min: Announcements.

    10 min: What Did We Accomplish? Audience
    discussion. Commend the congregation
    for its activity during the Memorial season,
    and outline what was accomplished.
    Invite audience to relate experiences enjoyed
    while auxiliary pioneering.

    10 min: Good Teaching Provides Application.
    Talk based on the Ministry School
    book, page 60.

    10 min: "Is Your Eye Simple?" Question and-
    answer discussion.
    Song 7

    Is Your Eye Simple?

    1 What our eyes focu on influence our action . How appropriate are Je us' word : "If, then, your ye i simple, your whole body will be bright"! (Matt. 6:22) When our eye is spiritually "simple," it i focused on a single purpose-the doing of God's will. We put the Kingdom first and are not distracted by unnecessary material things or activitie that interfere with the ministry.

    1. What does it mean to have a I simple eye'?

    2 Need for Self-Examination: Our perception can be distorted by what the advertising media tell us we need or buy what
    other have. Before pursuing an endeavor or a purchase that will require an investment of considerable time, money, or energy, it would be good to "calculate the expense" by asking ourselve , 'Will this improve my service to Jehovah or hinder it?' (Luke 14:28; Phil. 1:9-11) It is also wise to consider periodically how we could further simplify our life so as to do more in the ministry.-2 Cor. 13:5; Eph. 5:10.

    2. What could distort our view, but what will help us ?

    3 When one sister began regular pioneering, she chose to keep her full-time job although part-time employment would have provided sufficient funds to care for her needs. She eventually concluded:" No one can slave for two masters. I had to sacrifice my wants to take care of my needs. I realized that material things just get old and I would wear myself out trying to get them." Her circumstances permitted her to make adjustment to simplify her life and to change employment, allowing her to continue in the pioneer ministry.

    3. What do we learn from one sister who made adjustments to simplify her life?

    4 The urgency of our time makes it even more important that we maintain a simple eye. Every day that passses bring us one day closer to the end of this system of things and the start of God's new world (l Cor. 7:29, 31) By focusing on the preaching work, we can save both ourselve and those who listen to us .-1 Tim. 4: 16.

    4. Why is it urgent that we maintain a simple eye now?


    ....... how many 'apostates' do you personally know encouraging you to return?......

    Quit call me names! It is reproachful....... you have attacked practically everyone who has ever posted to you!

    I understand something is wrong in your life but quit taking it out on everybody on this board!

    Grow up Alice.....

    People here are willing to be your friends even now....... where the hell has your KH friends been in your life?

    Did you treat them as shamefully? What kind of role model are you being to your child!

    Sure I am getting 'emotional, and defensive' and I will regret it later but my goodness Alice I am a person too....

    Golden rule Alice....practice it daily!

  • palmtree67


    I started looking at the iPhones. You may be onto something there, I think I'm falling in love with them....


    I tried to help it, too. It bit me.


    I've owned two iPhones. Right now I use a high-end Samsung. I may sell it on ebay and buy the new iPhone.

  • DaCheech

    end this guys, alice got busted on her own thread and is trying to change the subject............ typical tactic

  • palmtree67


    Jeff I hope you`re reading this.

  • palmtree67


    double post.

  • Finally-Free

    I personally don't understand the fascination with iPhones, or any other phone for that matter. I have little interest in yapping with people on the phone constantly. I have a Blackberry that I've turned on once since February. I quit using it for work since my employer is unwilling to reimburse me for it. I'll be damned if I pay for my own leash.


  • yknot

    I know she can be 'nasty'......and she is probably a really hurt individual .......

    But that is no excuse!

    She (an inactive) comes here strutting her stuff like she is all that and than brings DEEP REPROACH!

    I know most of yall were JWs at one time so you KNOW how unacceptable that truly is!


    You owe Jehovah an apology!

  • sooner7nc

    alice, ya gots a pm

  • palmtree67


    My friend says the iPhone is pretty simple. I`m not really into technology, I like to keep things simple.

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