Nazi Propaganda: Propaganda Techniques

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  • yknot
    I take it you have successfully endured torture so you can be so flippant about that?

    They weren't tortured.....

    Actually they were given 'better' accomodations for finking.....

    If either had 'suffered' I certainly wouldn't be glib..... but they again the weren't.

  • Think About It
    Think About It
    She is mine Think about it!
    -Don't think about it.... LOL

    Maybe one of us can convert her. She is a sexy apologist.

    Think About It

  • slimboyfat
    They weren't tortured.....

    How do you know?

  • yknot

    Actually ALice has yet to "come-out" firmly about their gender......... since the acussations began to fly on that yanked child abuse thread.

  • yknot
    How do you know?

    The Gestapo files are on a ExJW German's website.........

    Some are translated some weren't and I had to sit there with a Berlitz dictionary......but I read through them.

    I am not saying that R&F weren't treated badly......anyone in a concentration camp was treated badly. However these men rolled fast and easy.

    Look I am not totally criticizing either...... Nazi Gestapos are scary men!

    >>>>>> On the other hand, imagine if you Overseer turned in your circuit or easily <<<<<<<<<<<<

  • nelly136
    nelly136 photo copies of 1934 yearbook, letters and translations

  • yknot

    letter to hitler 1933.... via

    translation into English can be found here..... scroll down until you find it!


    "Alice.....are you hot?

    Not my call. I'll send my picture if anyone PMs their e.mail address. It would be unwise to post it here.


    Mary posted some interesting propaganda pictures of Jehovah's Witnesses (Feel free to post some more):.....AIW


    Russel was never a Jehovah`s Witness.....Neither are the 2 Monkeys..

    How you managed to put Monkeys,Russel and Nazi`s together..

    Is something your Doctor will have to figure out..

    Crazy 1

    ....................... ...OUTLAW

  • yknot

    Here some more 'propaganda' from the WT

    I couldn't get the other two 'Golden Age' cartoons to take.....but here is there direct links. (Thanks Brother Woodworth!)

    ALice..... should you care to leaf through any Golden Ages, scans are available for download at...

    JWN's Poster....Chasson's very helpful site...

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