Nazi Propaganda: Propaganda Techniques

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  • restrangled

    To add some humor into this thread, at my expense......I thought AIW was comparing Nazi agitprop to the the WBTS tactics....which totally makes sense!

    Here is a quote from AIW: " the focal point of this discussion is propaganda tools in its various forms (pamphlets, broadsheets, books, etc) for the purpose of demonizing or defaming the character of an organization or class of people"

    If that doesn't sum up the WBTS I don't know what else does other than mostly Germans ran their KH's during the 50's 60's and 70's. Probably most of the GB during that time period also.

    One other note if anyone is still reading this which you might find interesting. My son is dating a German girl and gave him as a gift.... one of the child hood books for all Germans that has been in circulation for over 100 years.....still famous today for children in their country.

    It was frightening...It is a book about manners showing what happens when you don't behave. There were many horrible ugly scenes, but the most shocking was people being shoved into ovens in a Jewish bakery. The ovens looked just like Hitlers. It makes you wonder where Hitler might have come up with his ideas.

    Just like the Paradise book many of us grew up with.....bad people burning and falling into huge cracks in the earth with cars buildings and if I remember correctly a few pets. Propaganda at its best fed to children.


  • not a captive
    not a captive

    The question is; is there a group of people that celebrate universal truth about God, not "does there have to be one,".

    That sounds like the reasoning of a person who wants to hide from the truth instead of seeking it.

    Alice, Truly I offer you congratulations on a real piece of Conversation.

    Hang on to that point.

    Hang on to this thread of reason as a professing Christian.Assume that the other person who has used the Bible to reason with continue to do the same. You have used an expression that shows that you essentially are seeking truth. Now appeal for Bible reasoning on that common ground. Hold that ground for a minute and dig in there. Don't jump overboard.

    Reason from the scriptures now---the meeting place for all proper Christian differences.

    Be a witness.


    So Mary, I take it you buy into the hellfire doctrine and accept the churches that for over 1500 years paint God as a cruel entity that would subject humans to an eternity of torture in a fiery abyss? There's a good reason to be definitive about false religion.

    Understandably, religion has been rejected by many people of science for its resistance to scientific progress, its dismal record, and its hypocrisy and cruelty. Professor of microbiology John Postgate points out: "The world's religions have . . . brought the horrors of human sacrifice, crusades, pogroms and inquisitions. In the modern world this darker side of religion has become dangerous. For unlike science, religion is not neutral."

    It wasn't possible to have a civilized conversation about the accusations of others that Jehovah's Organization is “pedophile paradise.”

    What about it being impossible to be infallible about Bible interpretation and prophesy do you not understand? What system could possibly exist for infallibility? Jehovah's Witnesses teachings have been refined over time. Go on “LYAO” Mary. I've already said enough about the alleged accusations of "false prophets", you just choose to indulge in selective thinking, that's why I'm changing the subject. You're so obsessed with isolating a fallacy in literature published by Jehovah's Witnesses you can't even answer the most fundamental questions asked by thinking people. Truth is not your goal. Test my accusation: How would you answer athee? (nicknamed after atheist) I can provide legitimate answers to his questions from the Bible, can you?

    Is There Divine Providence in Port-au-Prince?

    An earthquake struck Lisbon in 1755, killing about 30,000 people, with many more homeless. There was no radio or TV at the time, but the philosopher Voltaire read reports of this "Act of God," and he was appalled. He mentioned the catastrophe in his book Candide, in which the hero believes that God has a plan, called Providence, which makes this the best of all possible worlds. Voltaire was also moved to write his poem, On the Disaster in Lisbon, which questioned how a just and loving God could have destroyed so many innocent lives: "How can you possibly say that all these dead have been fairly punished for their crimes? And why Lisbon? Why not London or Paris, those other cities of vice? And why was God obligated to create a world that is subject to natural diasters? Was He not omnipotent? How can this appalling carnage possibly contribute to the greater good?"

    Is Original Sin the root cause of the earthquake in Haiti and its devastating consequences?

    Believers Not Sure Whether God or Satan is Behind the Earthquake in Turkey Today.

  • palmtree67

    So Mary, I take you buy into the hellfire doctrine

    Where on earth did you get that Mary believes in hellfire??

  • not a captive
    not a captive

    You assume that there would be an institution rather than believers that Jesus is perfectly able to sort from the earth. In the same chapter that has the verses about the faithful and discreet slave, Jesus describes gathering his followers from the four winds--they will not be in this mountain(of worship) or that mountain.

    Just entertain the scriptures themselves. Discuss the nature of the good news and the open way that Jesus taught.

  • palmtree67

    Jehovah's Witnesses teachings have been refined over time

    Refined? Now, that is propaganda.

    A complete flip-flop on a doctrine that causes people to lose their lives, is not a refinement.

  • not a captive
    not a captive

    When your trying to gather a hurt cow into the barn, you have to let her settle once in a while. If you "chouze"her around she'll tear past you or tear through the fence. You can't crowd her all the time.

  • not a captive
    not a captive

    No offense, this just reminded me.....

  • DaCheech

    Alice, Mary just busted you and you change the subject?

    You made a suject about propaganda techniques, and mary showed you that the Watchtower is the master of them!

  • DaCheech

    mary and all you guys, don't fall prey to changing the subject.

    this thread is about mary's prapaganda machine -vs- the watchtowers innocense

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