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  • Leolaia

    Mary's cartoons satirize the teachings and activities of Pastor Russell, an individual (designated therein as a "false prophet"). Here and elsewhere confuses criticism, satire, and anger at individuals or an organization with hate towards a category of people (JWs as a group). Many who post here are JWs themselves, have family and loved ones who are JWs, and/or whose experience is shaped through the experience of having been a member of the group. In sharp contrast, Nazis (and antisemitic Christians) hated Jews as a racial Other, and regarded all Jews the same by virtue of being Jewish. In terms of religious hatred, the many anti-Catholic cartoons published by the Watchtower Society in the 1930s and 1940s come to mind, as well as Rutherford's stereotyping and offensive statements concerning Jews and Catholics.

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    yknot can you reference this source that supposedly proves Franke and Frost were never tortured?

  • DaCheech

    wow, you're feeiling persecuted?

    you have no idea what your predecessors of past did with billboards and cartoons?

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    Alice you have a pm with my email address.

  • nelly136


    In re Holocaust Victim Assets Litigation:
    Master Document No. CV -96-4849
    (ERK) (MDG)
    Consolidates with CV-96-S161 and : CV-96-461

    This Document Relates to All Actions :

    Holocaust Victim Assets Litigation (Swiss Bank Litigation)
    Proposed Plan of Allocation for
    Jehovah's Witness Victims and Targets of Nazi Persecution

    December 7, 1999

    COMES NOW, the Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society of Pennsylvania, (hereinafter Watch Tower), the corporate agency directing the administrative and religious work of Jehovah's Witnesses worldwide, by its attorney, Carolyn R. Wah, requesting an allocation of a portion of the settlement fund for Holocaust education and remembrance as well as just and equitable compensation as outlined below:

    As the attached report entitled "Spiritual Resistance and Its Cost for a Christian Minority: A Documentary Report of Jehovah's Witnesses Under Nazism, 1933-1945" will show, the Nazi persecution of Jehovah's Witnesses, which spanned virtually the entire Nazi period, exacted a heavy physical, financial, and emotional toll on that small religious community in all Nazi- occupied lands. The report also evidences that the Witnesses' individual and organized stance in opposition to the violent ideology of the regime was a decisive factor in the severity of the persecution, resulting in profound losses.

    Although conclusive documentation may be lacking for the claims of individuals targeted as Jehovah's Witnesses; there are three factors that argue for a favorable hearing for the individual applicants, even where the elusive "Swiss connection" may be weak:

    (1) Since Jehovah's Witnesses were among the earliest groups to be targeted for sentencing to concentration camps, they were often used in the actual construction of the camps. In some cases, the SS-run camps could, in themselves, be considered commercial enterprises that benefited from slave labor. Because the Witnesses had been in the camp system for long periods of time, they sometimes worked for the camp administration, but without due compensation, of course
    (2) Witness literature often carried sharp criticism of flagrant human rights violations in Nazi Germany. This was true of Witness literature produced and distributed clandestinely within
    Nazi-occupied Europe, as well as Witness literature published internationally. The Gestapo was well aware of the critical and revealing content of the literature, and thus they expended extraordinary effort to expose and destroy the secret printing facilities. They confiscated printing equipment, burned stocks of literature whenever it was found, and hunted down and executed many of those involved with the underground work. Thus, the nonviolent resistance offered by the Witnesses increased the financial, material, and physical losses they sustained.
    (3) The nonviolent, nonpolitical resistance of Jehovah's Witnesses to Nazi policies is distinctive for its duration and consistency. It is not possible to quantify the losses suffered by families whose mothers or fathers were given lengthy sentences in camp or prison because of their faith. Beyond the lost wages, lost property, and lost years are the intangible costs suffered by all victims of Nazi terror. Unlike other victims, however, most Witnesses had a choice. Generally, they were targeted solely because of their religious convictions. Witnesses were offered the opportunity to avoid persecution simply by renouncing their beliefs. Therefore, by virtue of the length of the persecution and the nature of their resistance, we ask that the court grant special consideration to the applications of Witness survivors or their heirs, which will no doubt be few in number. Further, the court may allocate a portion of the settlement to be used for purposes of Holocaust education and remembrance. Combating intolerance and indifference is extremely important work. The Watch Tower and individual Jehovah's Witnesses have expended hundreds of thousands of dollars to promote awareness of the Holocaust and its lessons. The Watch Tower and its affiliate branch offices have made educational and academic presentations, free of admission charge, in the United States, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Israel, and most countries of Eastern and Western Europe. More than 400 seminars and exhibitions have been held in


    Germany alone, often in cooperation with concentration camp memorials, research institutions, and museums. Important research and archival work is being conducted in Germany, the Netherlands, Austria, Poland, Russia, Israel, and other places.

    The few remaining Witness survivors have used their waning vitality to speak to young people, educators, and scholars about their experiences and those of their martyred fellow believers. If the court sees fit to allocate a portion of the settlement fund to the Watch Tower to continue this work of remembrance, we believe it would constitute fitting recognition of individual Witnesses who suffered and died while maintaining their faith and human values.

    Some Witnesses died prematurely and left no heirs to make a claim to the Swiss Bank Settlement Fund. However, the legacy of spiritual resistance that they left behind is of great value in the education of future generations about the importance of standing up for the dignity and value of human life. Representing these individuals, the Watch Tower would be pleased to devote any allocated moneys solely to the interests of Holocaust education and the remembrance of the prisoners who bore the purple triangle, according as the court might stipulate.

    Realizing that thousands of survivors and heirs will apply to the court to receive a portion of the Settlement Fund, Watch Tower is not in a position to recommend a certain percentage to be allotted for the purposes outlined above, nor are we able to suggest what portion of the Fund should be allotted to individual Witness survivors. Watch Tower acknowledges that no amount of money can fully compensate for the losses of any victims of Nazi persecution. However, if the funds provided by the Swiss Banks Settlement can symbolically or practically mitigate the human suffering of survivors or their families, or if it can advance the work of education and remembrance, the money will have been well spent. In this allocation process, we rely on the court's equity and fairness.

    WHERFORE, in light of this information, Watch Tower, respectfully request an award in harmony with the just and equitable principles outlined in the settlement order.
    December 7,1999.
    Respectfully submitted,
    Carolyn R. Wah
    Associate General Counsel
    Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society
    of Pennsylvania
    100 Watchtower Drive
    Patterson, NY 12563
    Tel: (914) 306-0700
    Fax: (914) 306-0709

  • Leolaia

    This is what was published in just one single issue of the Golden Age:

    *** g33 10/11 p. 4 Sending Forth the Truth Unto the Clouds ***

    The big coast-to-coast hook-up of 104 stations was made entirely without aid of the so-called "regular" chain broadcasting systems. The Watch Tower organization made its own arrangements, as is its custom. Jehovah's blessing was manifestly upon the efforts....

    The Kourier, published at Atlanta by the Knights of the Ku Klux Klan, in its issue of September, 1933, said in part:

    "Roman Catholic newspapers the country over have broken out in a rash of criticism of what they term anti-Catholic radio programs. They are in particular begging the Federal Radio Commission to place a ban on Judge Joseph F. Rutherford's 'Watchtower' programs. . . . The Catholic attack on the Rutherford programs is one of the hottest they have launched on any Protestant project recently. Some spineless stations have already eliminated the feature to which the Catholics object, while others, with more backbone, have told their Catholic critics to go stick their heads in a bucket of holy water." (end of article)

    *** g33 10/11 p. 5 A Brief Answer to a Long Article ***

    It was probably a misunderstanding of this scripture that caused a Scranton citizen recently to hit the editor in the face with his fist. At the time he did this he loudly shouted that we were circulating bigotry. The poor sap! The only violence ever visited upon Jehovah's witnesses is by Roman Catholics, whose whole training is that of the bigot and persecutor.

    *** g33 10/11 p. 26 Churchianity & Christianity ***

    "Too Controversial"

    A RADIO station director in Indiana gave as his excuse for not fulfilling his contract to broadcast Judge Rutherford's lectures that "it is our policy not to broadcast any talks of a religious nature which are too controversial or might give offense to the religious feelings of other persons". If that is the right standard, then we here and now object to the broadcasting of all Roman Catholic talks, on the ground that nobody with any common sense or any knowledge of history could possibly take any stock in any of them. They are entirely too controversial to go over with anybody except persons of moron or infantile mind, and they give offense to the religious feelings of everybody who has any of those things. If the simpleton who wrote that letter had said, "I stopped broadcasting Judge Rutherford's lectures because I am afraid of the Roman Catholic 15 percent of the population," we could have some respect for him, for then he would have told the truth. The "too controversial" and "offense to religious feelings" is all poppycock intended to conceal the truth.

    *** g33 10/11 p. 26 Churchianity & Christianity ***

    The Boycotting of Free Speech

    WHEN, in his letter to the Catholic Press, Judge Rutherford drew attention to their un-American and unmanly methods of suppressing free speech, he stirred some of the hypocritical canines in women's clothes and dog collars into making some curious statements of just what they think free speech is. Such a statement appears in The Sunday Watchman, of St. Louis: ". . .it is not the intention of The Watchman to ruin any radio situation [sic] but only to attempt to drive the 'Judge' from the air until he can curb his tongue and stop twisting quotations from the Sacred Scriptures to suit his own ideas."

    In other words, Judge Rutherford would be allowed on the air only if he stopped using his own brains and used instead the brains of the 'pope'. The same issue says: "Let our Catholics in this trade area resolve that not one penny of their money will be spent with those firms which make Rutherford's broadcasts possible." It is a good thing to have these things published in the Catholic press and elsewhere so that when Jehovah God destroys the whole miserable nest of vipers every honest and decent person may rejoice that they no longer cumber the earth which they have disgraced.

  • palmtree67

    Once again, a topic posted.....and disappears.

    Cagefighter, it would be so funny if Alice turns out to be a guy....!!!!!! A new experience for you???


  • yknot

    Slim it has been years ago......

    I remember it was an ongoing German project .......I can't find the original site (it may have also changed format and is unrecognizable to me)

    I did a very quick google search of both Konrad and Erich..... (forgot about August Fehst, Fritz Winkler)

    I do see that Franke claims torture to the WT and Huber Roser but his papers reveal that a letter from Fritz Winkler who is also in custody (weeks) advising him to be honest persuades him to cooperate. So until I find the exact papers we have Konrad saying he was tortured but no revelations in the Gestapo papers available under a google quick search

    There is speculation that Frost had been recruited early on .....but I really didn't read all of those webpages.

    Again I re-iterate.....Nazi Gestapo men are SCARY!.......

    I know that some in the WT felt it was a betrayal because I remember it being the an example of when it was appropriate to use strategy. We practiced telling half truths as part of our Armageddon readiness using the Nazi interrogation scenario....(but this was back in the 70s)


    "Here and elsewhere confuses criticism, satire, and anger at individuals or an organization with hate towards a category of people (JWs as a group)."

    Everything you post is logical, eloquent and well thought out. But that's you. Not from everyone, but I've many times seen hateful information venerated toward Jehovah's Witnesses to the extent that if the powers that be didn't protect people from criminal persecution, there could be problems. That's how I perceive it. If people don't feel that way, good. It's not an attitude I enjoy being exposed to.

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    not a captive

    Gotta say this is humorous, Alice.

    When a woman would sashay past a bunch of soldiers with her hips a-swaying and her buns-n-jugs-a-jumping in a tight outfit topped off with a come-hither look in her eye---and complain when she got cat-calls: "You buncha bums! Don't you even know how to treat a lady?"

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