Nazi Propaganda: Propaganda Techniques

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    Mad Dawg

    Alice my dear, you would have more credibility here if you didn't engage in the activities that you bemoan so much in others. Civility? Propaganda? Puh-leeze! If you wish to lecture, live it first yourself.

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    Mickey mouse

    Crying with laughter here Heaven!


    Hitler Cat loves Miracle Wheaties!!..

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  • nelly136

    "Hitler failed to break them in prisons and concentration camps where he tortured 10,000 of them, and the Communists are failing to do it in their frightful prisons and slave-labor camps." (The Watchtower, June 1, 1960, p. 327)

    "Hitler, a Roman Catholic, the arm of his church in Germany, forbade Jehovah's witnesses to preach the kingdom of God, and these modern-day Christians had to say to Hitler's Gestapo police: 'Whether it is righteous in the sight of God to listen to you rather than to God, judge for yourselves.' They kept preaching even though 10,000 of them were put in concentration camps and over 4,000 died there. The rest nearly starved to death. The war's end aided their survival." (The Watchtower, January 1, 1964, p. 13)

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    Oh my..... it is CATURDAY!!!!

    and of course to be fair..... it is also the main field service day for most working JWs.

  • not a captive
    not a captive

    I won't deny the admirable acts of the WWII Witnesses. But they were known by the Nazis as Bible Students--and I think itis important to think about this.

    The R&F undergoing Nazi persecution were the fresher less institutionalized International Bible Students. All their sense of self-determined faith was heart-felt.Rutherford had not completely eradicated the individual response that Bible Students had to the Bible itself, to jesus and Jehovah. Now there is none of this freedom to answer to God alone--members are baptised into a relationship with an organization.

    The Society takes credit for the past actions of faith that they no longer allow to flourish at all.

    Hitler has the last laugh on the WTS.

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    YKnot... Scratchtower magazine!! .... LOL!... I'm cryin' too, Mickey Mouse!

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