Watchtower suppresses critical video

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  • slimboyfat

    How do you know it was a Watchtower representative who complained?

    According to the latest Click programme on BBC youtube are very quick to remove videos and whole accounts following complaints. They do not bother to verify that copyright has been infringed or that the complainant represents the copyright holder.

    With that system for dealing with complaints it is remarkable that independent Watchtower vigilantes have not been getting a lot more anti-Watchtower videos removed on the basis of dubious copyright claims.

    Apart from all of which, I do have to wonder if in fact V did breach strict copyright rules with a recent video I saw. He seemed to acknowledge he was sailing close to the wind, or at least invite differing opinions, by highlighting the whole copyright issue in the video itself. Which is a bit of a shame because the content of the videos are good, and would not be much diminished by steering clear of any possible borderline copyright issues.

  • thetrueone

    Good point Slimboy how do they validate someones credentials when a complaint is issued against a video ?

    Anyone know ?

  • Finally-Free

    By the way, some JWs have put up this site:

    This site is being used to expose online "apostates" as "bad people". They are taking screenshots of people's Facebook profiles and posting them. This sometimes includes:

    1. Personal information.
    2. Copyrighted photos.

    All for the purpose of defamation because of religious differences. Perhaps they should get sued. At the very least the site should be taken down.

    I'd raise hell myself, but my profile isn't there. There's no reason why the JWs own tactics shouldn't be used against them.


  • slimboyfat

    According to the BBC Click programme youtube don't verify the identity of the person making the complaint.

    Which is understandable really, when you consider the work and expense that would be involved in verifying all complaints made, and the cost of losing legal action as a result of making mistakes. So it seems they err on the side of caution and pretty much remove all videos where copyright complaints are made.

    Any JW can write an email claiming to represent the WT.

  • slimboyfat

    Finally-Free - what a sickening website, (if genuine) that truly shows the worst side of JWs.

  • jookbeard

    makes you want to shout even louder the lies that this apostate/devil inspired freak that is the WTS , I'll go out of my way even more now to destroy WT Mags that are in public places/post regular anti vitriol on my FB/ speak to Dubs I see, their time surly must be running out, only growth in 3rd world nations and Hispanic groups in the USA must be only what keeps them afloat.

  • jwfacts

    Fair use of copyright is usually between 5-10% of the material, and so posting 1 whole page out of 3 does give the Watchtower a fair claim. However, V could do a critical expose on the DC talk by posting several small sections from the talk outline and commenting on them, in order to get around the copyright issue.

  • agonus

    Why would the one true religion, God's sole channel, need to worry about copyrighting its life-saving material, much less copyright infringement?

  • agonus

    The "Witness Watchdog" could be another "mock" JW site put up by 'postates...

  • besty


    2. 'giving free stuff away business' - There's my point. So a charitable organization should be an open target for anyone to break in and take what they want? I guess they're going to have to write new laws for that one.

    The Watchtower is using taxpayer money to promote this exact material to the public, free of charge, as we speak.

    Sorry - I don't see the problem.

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