Watchtower suppresses critical video

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  • JWoods

    Miserloveselders makes an excellent point. Maybe somebody at CO level or up is a little sick to the stomach over this BS?

    It is also interesting, as others have pointed out, that the WTS has pretty much admitted to the authenticity of this posted outline. Even if it got pulled down as a video, no doubt it will live forever in a multitude of other postings on the internet.

  • undercover
    How is it that a JW can get more information in real time at an apostate message board , quicker and more thorough than they get from their own religious leaders.

    Undoubtedly then, it is evident that Jehovah's spirit is upon this apostate message board as it delivers God's communications quicker than the chariot from Brooklyn...

  • Yan Bibiyan
    Yan Bibiyan

    Under, Right, the Internet proved to be faster then the Sneakernet (or should we call it a DressShoeNet) :-)

  • Anti-Christ

    I don't understand how this is copyright material. It is a transcript of a public talk it's not a book. Any one can video tape the talk and post it on you tube. Does not the law allow for satire and comment?


    I wonder if it`s actually Copyrighted or the WBT$ is full of sh*t,as usual..

    ....................... ...OUTLAW

  • thetrueone

    Any one can video tape the talk and post it on you tube.

    No they cant new rules have been handed down for no one to video the talks or audio record them as well.

    As mandated by the organization recently.

    The WTS. wants to control their own information that they are handing out, one of the reasons being that

    recorded talks can be compared to previous ones making the organization appear twisted and corrupt

    which they are of course. Comparing words transcribed from previous literature works by the WTS. is hard to refute,

    they cant say, oh thats just apostate literature.

    You can expect any organization that proclaims they are the voice of god or a direct channel to him to do this,

    thats if you want to keep this illusion persistent.

  • peaches

    thank you for the is appreciated....

  • undercover

    No they cant new rules have been handed down for no one to video the talks or audio record them as well.

    Yea, but....(playing Devil's Advocate) if the talk is advertised as free and open to the public...and there are no "no recording devices" signs in the auditorium or convention site, what's to stop a non-JW from legally recording and posting his videotape?

    Just as Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert satirize public comments by politicians and celebrities, why can't V, or anyone else, satirize or report on free and public lectures given by a church leader?

  • thetrueone

    I always thought that literature that is set out commercially had to be copyrighted for protection of the owners financial rights and privileges.

    Then why is there copyrighting on religious literature when there isn't suppose to be an established financial gain involving

    those pieces of literature ?

    Its known that the WTS. is an Incorporated religious publishing company, so thats where I guess they can legally enforce

    copyright laws when they deem prudent.

  • donny

    So just what is this "new light" anyway?

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