Watchtower suppresses critical video

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  • Titus

    Yeah right......

    You'll watch nothing. Only red disclaimer on the top of the page....

  • Aurelius
  • man in black
    man in black

    Marking for future reference,

    thanks WTBTS ,,, MANY, MANY people are going to love your reaction !!

    What fools you guys are.

  • purplesofa

    They have sent out the warning to JW's not to post videos and information online,

    and I read a pretty good discussion about it at a JW forum.

    They are just as confused about the information as onlookers are from what I can tell.

    But the forum did delete the section for videos.

    I wonder how long before the WT goes after JW's that don't follow the rules.


  • pirata

    Taping talks is not banned. Talks can still be recorded for personal use, but should not be distributed.

  • Ténébreux

    At least it's nice to hear an admission from the WTS that it's their own intellectual property (not God's).

  • debator

    The video maker clearly infringe copyright laws and so faced the consequences. The wts were well within their rights to point out this breech of law as all organisations can and do.

  • teel

    I haven't read the whole 5 pages of this thread, but I don't think intellectual property was the issue at all. The WTS owns the material, no question about it, they have the right to pull it down (sidenote: as has been said before, they own it, therefore it's not from God, it's men's teachings - who would dare to make a claim on God's inspired words?) What we find ridiculous is how the WTS is afraid of open criticism and will use any means to crush instead of resolve it.

  • Jim_TX

    God owns the copyright on the bible... he just neglected to put his name in it.

    Don't tick him off...

  • besty
    The video maker clearly infringe copyright laws

    Can you substantiate that with some facts please.

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