Watchtower suppresses critical video

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  • JimmyPage

    V just ROCKS!

  • happyexjw

    Ok so maybe im a little to stoned and maybe because I have not seen the manuscript or been to the convention but something concerns me in the tittle of the Generation Overlap thingy bs talk.

    Now as I said it could be because im a little stoned or that I didnt read all the comments on here so please forgive me if I have repeated a comment on this thread. But like I said the title concerns me...Why?...."Remain in the Secret Place Most High".

    Why is it a secret place? Secret being the concern!

    Encarta Dictionary English (United Kingdom) Defintion of secret: Known only by a few people, and intentionally withheld from general knowledge.

    Now please tell me if im barking up the wrong tree, but I really want to know the significance of 'Secret place'. Isnt the whole idea to preach the good news to all so that all will survive the big A? Surely a loving god who sent the invisible big J to earth to find a body of people to preach the lifesaving message to all mankind in order to save them would'nt want it to be secret place. After all the even bigger J is at war with Satan, the only way of winning a war is by the amount of people you have on your side....size speaks volumes.

    So please can some one tell me why the title is called 'Remain in the secret place most high'? like I say I if I am wrong in my thinking please comment.

    My personal (stoned) thoughts are in the words of the encarta dictionary....scary thinking, but when the chips are down...could this mind control end with a big bang, bigger than the Wako disaster.

    I dont mean to scaremonger but this is serious stuff, science & technology is catching up with the old men of the GB, their legal dept is probably bigger than the printing factory in NY with all this available knoweldge out there now.

    You can see this with the title of this thread how they are going against everything they say in their publications not to say what the bible says....and how can you copyright something that is the will of god? isnt that showing greed, that the WTS wants to get some sort of regcognition for preaching what they are supposedly directed for. At the end of the day why are they not more interested in publisizing their chosen right save people and give eternal life? why does the copyright litrature and talks to millions all over the world be of more concern to them when their whole objectives is to save as many as they can? surely they can count that time on their FSR? Any publicity is better than no publicity. They are running out of logic and common sense to back up their BS. The saying what goes around comes around springs to mind...karma! will they go quietly or will they go with a big bang, only time will tell.

    Like I said if im wrong please tell me.

    Peace out x

  • yknot

    I was just trolling Youtube......

    Lots of folks seem to have kept part of that broadcast alive on their own channels!

    Well Done V, well done!

    ( ----- see Bethel Bullies, you cut one man down, dozens stand up in his place!)

  • TD

    Trying to suppress information on the internet is like trying to strike water with a hammer.

  • steve2


  • wantstoleave

    This might actually be relevant, so I'll say it before I My dad usually gets the conventions on videotape after it's done it rounds of the congregation, as he can't make it to assemblies. This year, for the first time, he's been told that due to copyright, they can no longer do it. So it seems to be they're cracking down in a big way trying to stop infringement. But I don't think they're doing it for those reasons. I believe they're doing it in case of repercussions and people getting a hold of it and critiquing. They're just hiding behind the banner of copyright infringement.

  • AnnOMaly

    So please can some one tell me why the title is called 'Remain in the secret place most high'?

    happyexjw, it comes from Psalm 91 which begins,

    Anyone dwelling in the secret place of the Most High
    Will procure himself lodging under the very shadow of the Almighty One.

    I will say to Jehovah: "[You are] my refuge and my stronghold,
    My God, in whom I will trust."

    For he himself will deliver you from the trap of the birdcatcher,
    From the pestilence causing adversities.

    Also Psalm 31:20,

    You will conceal them in the secret place of your person
    From the banding together of men.
    You will hide them in your booth from the quarreling of tongues.

    Basically, it's about God protecting the faithful by taking them somewhere secret and safe away from His/their enemies. The DC talk was intended to emphasize how close the end is and how it is not the time to drift away from God's provision of safety (the Org) and 'here's a DVD to help you appreciate the Org. more.'

  • happyexjw

    Thank you for the clarification AnnOMaly

  • carla

    Love V's response!

  • straightshooter

    It makes me sick when an org like the WTS want their freedom of speech guaranteed and go to great lengths to fight for it, yet they fight againt others freedom of speech. The talk at the dc was a talk to the public, therefore it should be free to be also on the internet.

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