Stayed up all night, see it is a cult now.

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  • cult classic
    cult classic

    Hi there Gutted, you said "I need to preserve the relationships of my mom, dad and siblings because I am weak emotional and need that support. "

    You are not emotionally weak because you need your family's support and love. You are human. We all need that. It is this cult that drives a wedge between family and friends.

    For now it will be all you can handle to digest what you learn about the religion. You don't have to make any decisions about how to proceed just yet. Just rest assured that you are among those who truly understand what you are going through and care about your happiness

    Cult Classic

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    Besides this forum, there are a number of others, including these two:


  • gutted

    Question, how does one deal with field service? Obviously if I stop going altogether that would be odd. Maybe I'll go once or twice a month. As far as procedure, when does one become inactive, after one month of no reported field service time or several?

  • yknot

    Well Gutted.....

    I flat out lie 90% of my time...... I have 'partners in crime' who ditch just like me!

    The other alternative is to request the 4-8 shift and go it alone (but ditching)

    If you go out in a group, part ways work a side of the street by yourself with the faked knock trick.....

    Volunteer for phone witnessing (either don't dial the number all the way or hit mute and the householder will figure a wrong number and hang up)

    Increase your reporting of householder requests to be on the DNCL.

    I can go on an on .........

    But yes start 'fading' on the weekend stuff

    If you have a partner in crime ---- make up RVs or studies (yes I make up all my RVs and Studies)

  • White Dove
    White Dove

    If you want to appear active but don't want to go out, you can put in phantom time on your time slip.

    You are considered active if you put in time for 6 months straight. If you miss a month, you are not active.

  • shopaholic


    Different things work for different people. If you don't feel comfortable or are not in a situation to stop all together, then maybe going out one or two saturdays a month for an hour will do. No need to place literature, simply share a scripture and encourage people to read the bible as it has very practical advice. If anyone questions your approach, tell them you heard it was an activity in pioneer school...because it is. Then from there, move to one saturday and then nothing.

    Do what works best for your situation and remember, you're stronger and have more courage than you think.


  • shopaholic

    If you have at least one month of not reporting time in a service year you are considered irregular. If you miss consecutive six months of reporting time, you are considered inactive.

  • gutted

    My main concern is elder backlash. I have one elder, well two, but the one I studied with for over a year before baptisim will no doubt be asking me things. How is it best to deal with these ones when they ask what is wrong, why not going in service, commenting, etc.?

  • palmtree67

    Tell them you are experiencing some "personal problems" that you don't feel comfortable in discussing just yet. Thank them for their concern and assure them that you know how to get ahold of them when you need to.

    Then don't get ahold of them.

    This will hold them off for awhile.

  • tjlibre


    Welcome to the board. As you can see, there are thousands of JW and Ex-JW that have experienced what you are now going through.

    The advices are great, but I’ll reinforce that you need to, above everything…take it slow…don’t rush, and please please DON’T TRUST ANYONE & DON’T TALK TO ANYONE!!

    Come here, talk here, grieve here, let your frustration come out here!

    I also recommend you buying the book “Crisis of Conscience” and Steve Hassan’s “Combating Cult Mind control

    I recommend you getting the PDF version of Crisis of Conscience and saved it on a usb drive that only YOU have control of. This will help you keep the book in ‘secret’.

    My friend, fasten your seatbelt…you’re in for a wonderful ride!

    A comrade,


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