Stayed up all night, see it is a cult now.

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  • moshe
    -Instead of looking to humans for the answer, do a lot of prayer and reading the bible, see if you begin to feel his direction.

    Prayer and meditation can be fraught with danger as people can be paralyzed with indescison and unable to make a decsion for themselves based on the "facts". For a JW who was used to having his life mapped out for them, having to begin making their own life's decsions can be very hard. Now, telling them to PRAY for DIRECTION, is about the same as telling them to wait on Jehovah- and we know how much good that does for JWs!!!

    Maybe a good run at the Quija board will do a person as much good as prayer and statistically I'll bet it does as well as praying. Just how does someone know God is telling them what to do? Can it be proven that people who pray to Jesus make better decisions than atheisits? Do Christians avoid economic problems better than nonreligious people, because they pray and G-d gives them special insight? A valuable question that people should always ask when presented with religious dogma is, "IS THIS FACT OR OPINION"? The failure to discern the difference is what kept them in the KH in the first place. is

  • Black Sheep
    Black Sheep
    Instead of looking to humans for the answer, do a lot of prayer and reading the bible, see if you begin to feel his direction.

    If Endof had been born to a Towel Head he would be saying "Instead of looking to humans for the answer, do a lot of prayer and reading the Qu'ran, see if you begin to feel his direction."

    When you come out of a cult, you can't trust anything you were taught as a child, even the validity of the particular religious books or folklore of the culture of your parents or community.



  • diamondiiz

    Hi Gutted:

    I'm not sure if anyone suggested reading Gentile Times Reconsidered by Carl Olof Jonsson. Great indepth and easy to read research into the teaching of 607BC - destruction of Jerusalem. 607BC is cornerstone of WTS dates and if that pillar falls so will all their other dates even if one were to ignore many past date schemes.

    Keep in mind that not everything you find on the net is true about wts and major part of finances of wts you won't discover as they don't have to disclose their wealth in US where most of their wealth is located. But you can look at Canadian income filings here:

    seems at present the search isn't working but if and when it works search "jehovah" and "watchtower" or "watch tower" and you should find their income statements for the last several years.

    here is UK charity info

    That's all the info I have on their finances that are 100% accurate as these are government sites. When the Canadian site is working you can search local congregations, assembly halls and/or any branches that are registered as charities.

    When and if you speak to your relatives about what you're learning I suggest you use informtion that can't be disputed as witnesses for most part will deny anything that brings negative light on wts.

    BTW here is a link to pedophile cases that wts paid out and you can read the court documents

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