Why attack?

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  • never a jw
    never a jw

    whenindoubt wrote:

    "people pretend to have a valid reason to hate". Let's see:

    • loss of loved ones for refusing medical procedures on fundamentalist, tendentious biblical interpretations
    • loss of family and friends (shunning)
    • asked to turn a blind eye even protect pedophilia
    • sacrifice your entire life to work for a business that has exploited your vulnerabilities
    • forgo one's real dreams: career, material possessions, mates, special hobby, to please the leaders of a cult
    • lies, lies and more lies
    • false prophecies that changed the course of one's life

    Yeah, you are right, these are no reasons to hate. What a bunch of cry babies!

  • Village Idiot
    Village Idiot

    @ WheninDoubt,

    "Raymond Franz wanted to change the WT doctrine to befit him, not the members, and when he got kicked out for that, then he wrote a book explaining how evil that organization was, but didn’t bother to write down the reason why."

    That is absolutely false and he did explain the reason why!

    One of the 'brothers' started a witch hunt against him because he abstained from certain votes on doctrinal matters, neither voting for or against. And such voting indicates that the Governing Body chose doctrinal matters by vote. They could vote for or against.

    He was not kicked out for his voting record. When the witch hunt was instigated they questioned him about his beliefs. They did not find anything with which to disfellowship him.

    They finally disfellowshipped him because, after he had been kicked out of Bethel with his wife and no job, he started working for an inactive elder who was a friend of his. That employer was also his landlord since Franz had no place to stay in except for a trailer on his friends property. He was witnessed, by his accusers, to have been sitting down at a restaurant with him. The Watchtower had recently doubled up on its stand against disfellowshipping by expanding shunning of both disfellowshipped and dissociated ones. His having a meal with his employer/landlord had taken place before that more stringent law was passed but they chose to apply it retroactively.

    Get your facts straight you obviously have not read anything on the subject.

  • FayeDunaway

    Wid, you haven't read ray's book. Read it and see what he was like and why he left. you have heard rumors that are false. Use your 'freedom' and see.

  • WheninDoubt

    And that would be your understanding Village Idiot, I hope for your audience sake, you speak with first hand knowledge.

    FayeDunaway: If that’s who you believe carries the truth, then go for it. You still have time. The Catholic assertion of 2 witnesses, for them was completed once Pope Francis took over for Pope Benedict. They assure the masses this would happen in the last days of man. However, I don’t know how other Catholics would react to you not supporting Saint Mary or the Cross. That’s how we live and learn.

    Yes Never a jw, Q&A previously, your anger was noted, thank you.

  • Finkelstein

    WheninDoubt your unmitigated presumptions are not fact based, they are purposed on a biased preposition to support the WTS., unfortunately they are tainted with misinformation or half truths.

    Are we practicing are spiritual warfare today ?

    Its obvious to see that you are intentionally spinning topics for one to another but that's why I made an observation from your comments so for on this thread.

    Using words like evil is not what anyone is implying, Ray Franz never used the word evil when describing what he thought of the WTS, he did empathically say he thought JWS are just victims from other JWS who are victims themselves by mischievness coercion created by the past leaders of the WTS.

  • FayeDunaway
    I DO support the cross. I said I have difficulty with Mary worship and prayer to saints, oh, also statues in church. I think Francis is a great Christian leader and role model. I however am a happy Protestant.
  • Village Idiot
    Village Idiot


    "And that would be your understanding Village Idiot, I hope for your audience sake, you speak with first hand knowledge."

    The fact that you said "...but didn’t bother to write down the reason why." is a clear indication that you have not bothered to do the most basic research, further more you criticize others for not having "first hand knowledge" but you do not have any such knowledge yourself.

    Bottom line, he did explain why in his book and you're erroneous in stating that he didn't.

  • Finkelstein

    The end of the story and something NewQatarJob didn't or doesn't quite understand is that people come here to talk about the WTS/JWs, out love and compassion for humanity and maybe out of love for their family which they may still have trapped in this compellingly dangerous religious cult.

    To essentially expose " The Truth About The Truth " as directly honest as possible.

  • WheninDoubt

    FayeDunaway: my bad, that’s a wonderful feeling, whatever keeps your heart filled with spiritual satisfaction is what counts.

    I believe someone snarled a me for something to do with word play, but I guess it’s okay if you people do it to make a point. So pick and choose whatever word you wish to equate evil with. I’m not picky. Curious, did any of you meet RAY?

  • cofty

    Whenindoubt - Apart from criticising everybody to feed your own ego, do you have a point to make?

    Also, were you ever an active JW? Have you ever introduced yourself or shared your story?

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