Why attack?

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    Right back at you OUTLAW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Words are empty and meaningless, people grow up........WhenInDoubt

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  • Simon
    Since Magnum appears to be a big wig, Go ahead, have Simon cut me off. Censoring free speech. So only you can write here? Then this is not an open forum, and I will be justified to bring it up to the European civil rights commission, so go ahead censor me. The good thing all post have been recorded from all subjects of this hate group website. You want to play dirty pool, let’s play. Oh!1 buy the way, not only you can call someone an idiot, I can to

    OMG, what a whacko.

    Really? You think anyone would give a flying fuck about you crying that "someone stopped me saying something on the internet"?

    You are just pissy because your litt;e cult is being shown up and now you've shown yourself up too.

    Please go and complaint about how you were deleted.

  • Magnum
  • smiddy

    With all these responses to newqatarjob original post , has this thread been Highjacked by trolls/apologists ?

    Or is he/she one ? We haven`t heard any replies from him/her answering any of the feedback given to his/her original post.


  • Vidiot


    You know Simon's pissed when he drops an f-bomb.

    (not a snarky remark)

  • rebel8

    The OP can be used interchangeably for any sort of abuse. (For the few of you who was not spiritually/physically/mentally abused by the dubs, this does not apply to you.)

    As someone who has been a pedophile and imprisoned (twice!!!) I find it difficult to understand why abuse survivors have to attack the lifestyle, yes lifestyle, not crime or rape. I am no longer in the lifestyle just do not want to practice anymore. I have no malice or hatred or disgust for any human. So why the constant attacks on them? I came across this site by accident and registered just for this post really. Just be kind to people, say nice things and you will be surprised at how life treats you long term. Do I believe pedophilia is wrong? Unsure. As a man in his 50s thr older I get the less I realise I understand and it is wonderful finding out! So come on fellow humans live and let live. Allow people to be fanatical or not to give a damn! In the memorable words of Woody in Toy Story "Play nice"! Have a wonderful day, week, month, year and rest of your life.

  • Simon

    It's lame when people try to equate censorship and free speech issues to not being allowed to insult people online. They are completely disparate concepts.

    I don't know how an individual site can ever censor someone or violate their free speech because people are free to create their own site to say whatever they want. Having the right to say something doesn't mean that someone else has the responsibility to provide a platform for them of course.

    Only governments can really censor people by compelling ISPs etc... to do it. The irony is that the free speech guarantee is meant to cover political expression which would normally be directed at the government. Does it happen anywhere else but in countries like China or the middle east?

    When people try to claim it applies where it doesn't it usually means one thing and one thing only: they have a weak or zero argument and know it so they make an appeal to claim some sort of persecution instead.

    It's a shame that it distracts from the real issues being discussed - obviously the intention of the trolling behavior and whining.

  • Finkelstein

    One thing should seen and acknowledged is that NewQatarJob opening post was full of misinformation to the actuality of what mostly goes on this forum, which isn't an attack onto individual people who are JWS but rather an attack on the operational policies and doctrines of the WTS and how they effect people's lives from a social psychological perspective.

    The word hatred was used which most likely fired up WheninDoubt with his back firing tirade associating people here with Nazis and Muslim extremists and other ad hominem attacks directed to posters.

    It is recognized that JWS will twist information to suit their own steadfast position of loyalty to the organization which they belong to, undermining any opposing information that shows inaccuracy or fault.

    Which isn't surprising since thats how the WTS strategically indoctrinates people to do exactly that, individual critical thinking is put to waste and purposely demeaned.

  • Brokeback Watchtower
    Brokeback Watchtower
    Apparently he's a real slow learner and so the question of why we do what we do which has a very obvious answer escapes is intellectual capacity. Hey when all you have for a tool is a hammer everything starts looking like a nail.
  • Iown Mylife
    Iown Mylife

    so many jw don't want to admit the scary thought that the whole point they centered their life upon is a big scam.

    They got a huge hate for ones who have admitted it and have seen the way through loss and grief for an ideal.


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