Why attack?

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  • Village Idiot
    Village Idiot

    @ WhenInDoubt,

    "I find similarities between this site and Muslim extremism..."

    Who on this site is calling for suicide bombers to kill others?

    "...but I do enjoy the lack of religious knowledge spread around here, it’s very entertaining."

    There are plenty of posters here who have a lot of religious knowledge.

    "I believe someone else said, read the bible for yourself to get the truth. How ironic, that same philosophy is taught by the jW’s, so what’s the difference, just asking is."

    Those who say that people should read the Bible are not forcing one particular set of Bible literature with which to interpret their understanding of it. The Jehovah's Witnesses do and it is exclusively their books.

    "So if you’re going to complain about the WT’s doctrines, then complain about EVERYONES."

    Huh? If you've been reading this site you should have noticed plenty of criticism about other religion's doctrines and beliefs.

  • Finkelstein

    Go to another church and spew your nonsense, then compare.

    Gee someone is in denial , denial of the fact the WTS has been a commercialized false prophet for over a century, ,creating doctrines solely to enhance the proliferation of its own published works.

    Basically lying to people and exploiting the basic belief in the bible and wrapping themselves up with sanctimonious virtue and intent.

    To mentally indoctrinated JWS who've been lured in by the WTS false teachings of what the bible contains is truthful interpretation perhaps, to most though its an insightful fraud by corrupt slightly delusional men seeking power and control for themselves and the publishing business that they hold a direct operative control over. .

    God is no where near this organization and never was.

    There are better Christian based religions out there to be realized.

  • WheninDoubt

    Good one OUTLAW:

    Nazi humor

    1. I know you are but what am I. Good one, keep them coming.

    2. Taylor Swift: “ Shake it Off” everyday

    3. Pharrell-Williams “Happy” everyday

  • Ucantnome

    If there was unrest in the colleges in the late 60’s let’s say in America, they would urge their members on the dangers of going into college due to those circumstances. Did that stop JW’s from attending college, to those that could compartmentalize, did?

    this is an interesting thought. I found that the nearness of the end within the lifetime of the generation that saw World War 1 to be a factor, of course 50 years later that is different.

    Watchtower June 1 1968 page 331

    On the Joyful March to Mankind’s Millennium

    'Arguing against a literal future millennial rule by Christ, some have claimed that such a teaching would chill the missionary ardour of Christians to make disciples of all nations. (Matt. 28:19,20) But not so! Today no people are more zealous in carrying out this missionary commission than are the Christian witnesses of Jehovah, who believe that the 1,000-year reign of Christ is literal and future. In comparatively few years these have grown to more than a million. Today they are carrying out this commission in 197 lands and islands of the sea and that in 169 languages. Last year they devoted 184 million hours to this work!

    And no wonder. What good news they have to tell the people! They proclaim the good news that the millennial rule of Christ will begin with this generation and that it will mean ever so many blessings for the people :..'

  • FayeDunaway
    Witnesses have such freedom of speech! Why don't you go to your elders and tell them how you exercised your freedom of speech on this site and hear what they have to say.

    Good one OUTLAW: Nazi humor.....WhenInDoubt

    ...Image result for Godwins law

  • Finkelstein

    Since Jesus himself clearly stated that the only way to appease god and have their names written in the book of life is through him alone. Whom should true followers of Christ follow in direction and guidance ?

    Jesus and his guiding instructions written in the bible or the false prophet men running and operating their own publishing house ?

  • FayeDunaway

    And now the appearance of 'Muslim extremists' is starting to gain on 'nazis' in arguments. but when in doubt used both, so we have a tie!

    you didn't address the pedophile/protecting children issue, instead you complained about grammar....

    you used protetection of youths (violence on campuses, really?) as an excuse for why college has been 'discouraged'. You very well know that THEY know education leads to thinking minds and that it is dangerous for keeping members.

  • WheninDoubt

    The Catholic Church and Protestants have been doing that for centuries, so what’s your point Finkelstein. The Christian Evangelist does it up right and personal, at home. Then, people should have blind faith on the things you write? Or should they follow Christ through God to satisfy their personal relationship with God. and since the bible is the inspired word, you would be correct to follow in Jesus footsteps, as the WT has been proclaiming all this time.

    To Village Idiot: Where do you think the WT gets it material? From global publishing.

  • WheninDoubt
    That's funny FayeDunaway, thanks for the laugh.

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