Why attack?

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  • Oubliette

    For myself, I am angry that I was lied to and deceived by hypocrites that enforce policies that are harmful to the very people they claim to love and protect.

    They have done this to millions of people.

    I think that's a pretty good reason to attack something.

  • flipper
    DUBSTEPPED- For those of us who have moved on from the JW mentality- it's not a case of not having moved on from the " victim mode " - many of us HAVE involved ourselves in many positive activities- it's a case of many of us feel we need to HELP others who need to see the WT Society exposed for the child abuse crimes, exposed for deaths from no blood transfusions, and exposed for creating dissension, division, and suicides due to the shunning that is encouraged. And that involves exposing negative behavior. It doesn't mean we haven't moved on from it personally- just want to unselfishly help and assist others to move on and see these crimes for what they are ! Better in my opinion to do that than just wash your hands of the whole thing without assisting others
  • ABibleStudent

    Welcome newqatarjob, Would you classify yourself as a JW or ex-JW? I hope that you return to read many of the thoughtful replies to your thread.

    DITTO what other posters wrote in response to your thread. Many former JWs are in various stages of grief and anger, so JWs/ex-JWs may perceive them as attacking the Watchtower because the Watchtower has victimized JWs with BITE control manipulation techniques. It may take decades of intensive counseling to remove the many layers of phobias created by the Watchtower.

    If you would like to learn more about how dangerous cults manipulate their members, please watch this video: Strategic Interactive Approach explained 2003 (1:23:23).

    Peace be with you and everyone, who you love,


  • flipper

    I have a feeling his guy is long gone from this thread, with his fingers in his ears singing la-la-la-la-la.....

    Nothing "nice" about his passive aggressive drivel, really.

    Maybe just trying to reinforce his denial and superstition, and trying to get brownie points with Jehovah.

    Mrs. Flipper

  • DJS


    Many of us were also elders and in the Borg for a long time. Many of us believe, including me, that the Dark Lords are evil, twisted, delusional narcissists who have appointed themselves over others and have done immeasurable harm.

    People have died because of these monsters. Millions have had their families destroyed because of these Evil Men, and countless millions have wasted their lives and their potential because of them.

    So you were an elder. Good for you. So you are happy happy joy joy. Excellent. Either you are genetically pre-disposed to such or you still have your head planted firmly up your ass and are blind to the ham they have done. Or a combination of both. Many of us realized the harm when we were still in the cult and still serving as elders. Clearly you were oblivious to it.

    Either way, I don't care. Very few ex-Dubs have warm, touchy feely feelings about the Dark Lords. They deserve our wrath, our condemnation and a siren's warning to all others of their danger. I suppose you are also A-OK with the Dark Lords sending 7 billion people to their deaths while a few million Dubs survive. I guess it doesn't matter to you how the Dark Lords turn brother against brother with their endless stream of rules, near-rules, almost rules, rules-lire, semi-rules and walk, talk and quack like rules. One of the primary reasons the sheep remain in a constant state of angst and anxiety is the myriad of rules the Dark Lords pile on them. Pharisees.

  • rebel8

    You see it as attacking? I see it as venting.

    Survivors of abuse forums probably vent and criticize their abusers highly too. I find it hard to stomach the notion that it's attacking.

    Great for you that you don't find a need to vent and criticize the "religion" as you call it. Sounds like you are not nearly as scarred as some of us.

    Instead of criticizing (which by your own definition is also attacking) those of us who were physically/spiritually/verbally abused, perhaps you should educate yourself first. You know, try to understand others' perspectives. :)

    For example:



    Besides the "selfish" reasons, speaking out has literally saved countless people from the grip of a harmful course of action.

    "The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing." - Edmund Burke

  • Finkelstein

    The WTS/JWS in its history has shown itself to be connivingly corrupt and devious in its presence as a religious organization/ Publishing house, not only to allure people into the organization but also to sustain its devout followers, in between all of that it created many false doctrines which proved to be subsequently deadly for a portion of its adherents ie ... ( no blood transfusions, no vaccinations , no organ transplants )

    A DFing policy that separated and broken apart thousands of families, even to the extent of provoking some to commit suicide.

    The constant drum beating that the world is about to come to an end soon killing most of its inhabitants, but JWS who will be saved, with images of catastrophic devastation in its literature for impressionable children to read and mentally absorb.

    The overwhelmingly and constant insinuation on to its adherents that they are not doing enough work drawing more people into the organization by implying and utilizing fear and guilt.

    Your spirituality is measured and validated by your devoted service in preaching to the public by proliferating the WTS's own publications.

    So NewQatarJob from all of that composed within the JW religion, your wondering why people openly complain and criticize this religion for what and how it operates and its effects both physically and mentally toward the general public?

    The WTS/JWS publishing house has had the unrestrictive freedom and right to operate as it has in its entire history, in a country that availed that opportunity, a country that also has the unrestrictive equal right to openly criticize and evaluate this and other religious organizations .

    The open use of the inter-net is just a usable vehicle toward that self expression for public consumption and evaluation, in the same open expressive way the WTS. uses the inter-net toward its endeavors.

  • Simon

    The WTS has a history of attacking and demonizing all those who disagree with it at any point in time. Even when they previously believed the same thing or later decide to change their beliefs to coincide with it, if you don't believe what they do when they do then you are evil ... according to them.

    But you think people pointing this out and showing up that they are less then inspired is attacking them?

    Not only are they less than divine, they show themselves to be less than basic respectful humans with how they put protecting their own organization image above the welfare of minors and prefer to defend abusers rather than protect their victims.

    There are few groups more deserving of being attacked and yet we limit ourselves to attacking their beliefs, their practices and their policies - not attacking the people even though that is exactly what they have done to so many of us.

  • Heaven
    Are you aware of Candace Conti?

    To me [a revert to the church], the reason that I left my faith in the first place was because of WTS lies. The 'should you believe in the trinity' booklet and other attacks to my faith from the WTS made me doubt what I believed. As a result, I had to do my own research to determine what was true and what was 'lying for the TRUTH' tm.

    WTS deserves ALL of the bad press that it gets on this board.

    Any organization that promotes lying because it's own doctrine cannot stand on it's own is deserving of all attacks.

    just my humble opinion.

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