Why attack?

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  • The Searcher
    The Searcher

    Hi NQJ - I'm "still in" for one reason only - not to lose close family members.

    I try to plant little seeds with them, in the hope that they will start to examine the Org's teachings via the Bible - not with literature!

    If you're honest, you won't deny the penalties imposed upon those who have the audacity to question anything from the G.B. That is evil in itself!

    If you hang around here long enough, your eyes will be opened as to how evil the WTBTS really is!

  • stan livedeath
    stan livedeath

    yes--the watchtower cult attacks us ex-j's.

    mentally diseased ? evil ?--controlled by satan ?. they would have us stoned to death if they could get away with it.

    are you happy with that ?

  • Terry

    Don't read the 'attack' posts.

    Read the informative and upbeat, friendly posts.

    There! All fixed!

    Discussion groups are a microcosm of the world at large.

    Life is what you make of it.

    Choose your pathway carefully and you won't wander into bad smells, yapping beasts, or quicksand. :)

  • dubstepped

    I kind of feel like the OP a bit. Mostly on the "live and let live" part. Some of the threads here are people looking to make something out of nothing, really stretching to try and make the dubs look bad. Have I been victimized by the organization? You bet. Am I hurting and still kind of on edge? Yep. Do I want to stay in victim mode and devote the rest of my life to proving a negative, or to find something positive to dwell on? Give me something positive that moves forward rather than the negativity of the past, carrying it forth daily into the future.

  • flipper
    NEWQATARJOB- Welcome to the board. Nice to have you here. I agree with what SLIDINFAST said. My thoughts completely as if he was reading my mind. It's not that we hate the people or have vitriol towards them personally- it's the criminal, harmful policies of WT leaders of the organization that are SO damaging and destructive. If we remain quiet then it becomes just as Albert Einstein stated, " Evil proliferates when good people stand by and do nothing. " Personally- I won't do that - I'm an activist for awareness to try to open people's eyes - and that requires exposure of uncomfortable facts concerning the WT Society's criminal conduct. Am I an axe murderer ? No. Am I raping young children and hiding it ? No. But you can't say the WT Society isn't allowing the raping of young children - there are thousands of pedophiles in their organization who are roaming free as predators within the congregations. People everywhere need to know that. What would be wrong would be in staying silent and NOT attacking the unjust things happening within the WT Society. How else will people and JW's know themselves ? They won't unless they research the Internet. So hopefully this makes sense to you in order to protect child victims of sexual child abuse. Otherwise you accomplish nothing but allowing evil to prevail by staying silent. My 2 cents
  • millie210

    Hi newgatarjob,

    Welcome and nice first post. I appreciate your point of view. Having been DFd as well as having been an elder you have certainly seen two sides of being a JW havent you?

    I dont know how you feel about it but as for me, the older I get the more I think there are many sides to an issue - not just two.Perhaps you feel that way also.

    You know that old saying it "takes all types"? Well it really does. People with well channeled anger move things to a better level. People with a forgiving spirit help to maintain the ground that has been fought for and won.

    That is the way the world has gotten as far as it has. So it is nice that people come in those two styles and all the ranges in between!

    We have to allow for and appreciate where others are coming from even when it threatens our sense of how we think people "ought" to be or behave. You are right, there are some here who do attack others who view life differently. Mostly that reflects an impatience or lack of understanding for the process of leaving and becoming who one really is.

    Magnum brought up an interesting element in the range of human expectation in his post above and that is justice.

    Where do you feel that fits in to your philosophy? Maybe you are still working on that like most of us?

    One thought I will leave you with that I personally have been mulling over lately is this: the Org is and has been one of the most litigious groups to ever exist. They do not hesitate in this regard. They dont just fight over "human rights" either. They fight over land, money, basically the common things people have always fought over They just do it extremely aggressively and under the cloak of religion.

    One has to wonder if they (quoting your words above) "allowed" people to be OR "played nice" themselves, would a website like this even have ever been necessary?

  • Iown Mylife
    Iown Mylife

    WT has taken money and broken their promise to return it when asked.

    WT orders shunnings that have caused suicides.

    WT has caused many deaths by ordering No Blood.

    WT has protected child molesters, abusers and other criminals while blaming and humiliating victims.

    The Watchtower Bible and Tract Society is a CULT, baffling, greedy, disgusting.

    That's why.


  • ToesUp


    There are so many on the board who have had so many different experiences. So many bad experiences and it has had an incredible impact on their lives (and their families). So many wounds that may never heal. When you stand by and watch someone else struggle with their issues they are dealing with it is easy to judge. When some of those same issues hit you, it can change your perspective 100%. I never judge...you never know the journey someone else has had to endure.

    Just my 2 cents.

  • Hairtrigger

    A buffoon is a buffoon - be it a man or a religion.

    If it walks like a duck, talks like a duck, quacks like a duck; it's gotta be the WTBTS.

    And if you wanna Quack loud , while sounding like looney toons- you are gonna be called out on it.

    C'mon, Mr. newquatrjob, It isn't "attack". Some of us are just having fun trying to take the mickey out of the borg!!

    Can you blame us if the organization is gonna continue with their spiel ; which is ,currently, the gold standard for pure, unadulterated garbage?

    As you have so rightly pointed out,"come on fellow humans live and let live. Allow people to be fanatical or not to give a damn!"

    In keeping with that tradition-One man's religion is another's laughter!!

    If the WBTS is gonna continue with their buffoonery, well thats only honey for humorists, satirists,cartoonists and spoof-artists.

    Again in keeping with Woody's advice, they ARE "playing nice".

  • DesirousOfChange

    Welcome, though I have this sneaky suspicion that you have moved on after having your "say". The reasons have been stated quite good:

    Xanthippe: Well it's hard when people lose parents, children, siblings and friends who won't even speak to them.

    or.....when people have lost decades of their lives believing and chasing after false promises.

    Magnum: I feel completely justified in attacking. First, consider the religion. It has a history of deception, false predictions, wrong doctrine, and outright stupidity. Many of the teachings are not just wrong; they're harmful. The religion took my whole life, including my future.

    Surely at this point they (WTS/GB) know they are BS. If not, they SHOULD KNOW that it is all complete falsehood -- a huge money grabbing corporate scheme. Yes, they should know because they claim to be God's channel of communicating the Truth to mankind, so they have the responsibility to examine all things thoroughly (as many of us lowly ones have).


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