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  • newqatarjob
    As someone brought up as a JW and been an elder and been disfellowshipped (twice!!!) I find it difficult to understand why ex JWs have to attack the religion, yes religion, not cult or sect. I am no longer disfellowshipped just do not want to practice anymore. I have no malice or hatred or disgust for any human, religious or not. So why the constant attacks on them? I came across this site by accident and registered just for this post really. Just be kind to people, say nice things and you will be surprised at how life treats you long term. Do I believe in a god? Unsure. Do I believe in evolution? Unsure. As a man in his 50s thr older I get the less I realise I understand and it is wonderful finding out! So come on fellow humans live and let live. Allow people to be fanatical or not to give a damn! In the memorable words of Woody in Toy Story "Play nice"! Have a wonderful day, week, month, year and rest of your life.
  • Slidin Fast
    Slidin Fast

    If this was just another religion, crackpot or not, I would agree with you. The problem is that it is actively harmful.

    The policies on child protection result in ruined lives,harm.

    The blood policy, unnecessary deaths, harm,

    The shunning policy, family alienation, harm.

    The lack of freedom of thought and expression, harm to mental health.

    The education policy, harm to members personal and economic potential.

    Yes, "live and let live" is ducking the issue on this one in my opinion.

  • Xanthippe

    Welcome newqatarjob. Thanks for your post. Why are some people bitter about the religion? Well it's hard when people lose parents, children, siblings and friends who won't even speak to them. I've just become a great aunt and I shall never see this child. I wasn't invited to its parents' wedding. I am going to a family funeral next week and the JWs there will treat me like a leper as usual. It's hard to take.

    So tell us a little more about yourself. What has made you decide not to practice this religion anymore? Have a wonderful day yourself.

  • cofty

    Hi and welcome.

    I think your question comes from this basic misunderstanding...

    I have no malice or hatred or disgust for any human, religious or not. So why the constant attacks on them?

    If anybody attacks somebody because of their beliefs then I would join you in opposing that. But that isn't what happens in the forum - at least not too often.

    It is the wrong beliefs that get attacked.

    The problem is faith. Everybody is free to reject facts and evidence in favour of superstition, but to promote that as a positive choice in a public forum cannot go unchallenged.

    Most new ex-JWs do not have a clue about either theology or science. It is one of the strengths of this forum that people who have spent many years wrestling with the facts are willing to debate them openly.

  • Magnum
    I find it difficult to understand why ex JWs have to attack the religion, yes religion, not cult or sect. I am no longer disfellowshipped just do not want to practice anymore. I have no malice or hatred or disgust for any human, religious or not. So why the constant attacks on them?

    Your post is not clear. First you refer to attacking the "religion"; then you mention the attacks on "them". So are you referring to the religion, that is, the organization, teachings, policies, etc., or are you referring to the individual JWs?

    Either way, I feel completely justified in attacking. First, consider the religion. It has a history of deception, false predictions, wrong doctrine, and outright stupidity. Many of the teachings are not just wrong; they're harmful. The religion took my whole life, including my future.

    What if you listened to some persuasive financial adviser and worked seven days a week for decades with no time off investing everything you had with him - money, time, energy, etc. According to him, you were supposed to get a huge payoff by a certain time. That time passes with no payoff in sight, and he makes no apology and doesn't even really acknowledge that he guided you wrongly. He only wants you to work harder and invest more with him and attacks you for not doing so. You're too old to start over in life. You have no future. You have a very low-paying job that will soon be gone because of advances in technology, and you have no possibility of ever retiring. You find out that he was deliberately deceptive and hid certain things about himself from you. If you don't feel anger because of that, then I think your sense of justice is warped.

    Now, as for individual JWs, well, I'm out of time; got to go to work. Will come back to this later. But for now, let me say that your post seems to indicate a sort of self-righteous, goodie-goodieness - a naive, peace and love hippie mentality. "Let's all hold hands and sing Kumbaya." It seems presumptuous to me for you to come on here in your first post and tell me how to act towards JWdom (the org or the individuals).

    You say "have a wonderful... rest of your life." How can I, considering what JWdom did to me? Do you know what it did to me? Do you know the entire story? If not, then don't tell me how to act towards it.

  • freemindfade
    Please go to jwfacts and read the section on fear and mind control.
  • sparrowdown

    So you joined up and posted just to shake your head and wag your finger at all the naughty kids being rude and disrespectful to the org? 😕

    Sorry if I'm missing something, but where do you get off telling anyone how to feel or how to react?

  • Vidiot

    We're not attacking.

    We're defending ourselves.

  • Ucantnome

    Why attack?

    i post on this site but I don't consider what I post an attack.

    I have had discussions with elders over the years and need to defend my views. They call at my house. I sometimes meet witnesses that I know and have been questioned why I left. I know some witnesses now through work that I have had discussion about things like 1975 the generation etc. who were there but didn't know some things that were said or written and how decisions based on such things have not been good.

    I think this is a place to discuss things if you feel you want to and I have found some clarity of thought regarding the witnesses since I have been posting.

  • eyeuse2badub

    Hey Newqatarjob,

    I've been and elder on several occasions during my life as a dub also. Decades! What a complete waste of time! Spent countless hours preparing talks and parts for meetings and conventions and for what? Only to find out that I was teaching something that was eventually and radically changed (ya know-nu-lite).

    Why attack? Really? We learned it from the wtbts and especially good ole Joe (the drunk) Rutherford!

    Magnum said it right!

    just saying!


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