Why attack?

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  • Brokeback Watchtower
    Brokeback Watchtower
    These reason we 'attack' or make known the lies and deceit of the WT corporation is because we are not blooming pacifist ass holes that let every body just walk all over them and then say thanks for the privilege.
  • Crazyguy
    A cult like this needs to be attacked, what would you do if you saw a kid being killed by a man in your street, just leave? I hope not, most would try to stop the attack in some way. This cult is guilty of killing people with thier policies regarding blood transfusions, vaccines, and organ transplants. They have ruined people's lives broken up families and caused people to commit suicide. So yes I say attack, attack and attack them some more!
  • Finkelstein

    NewQaterJob seems to have left the building, too many truthful and exposing evaluations upon the JW religion I guess ?

    One opening post and no following discussion thereafter tells a tale that he may not have both feet out the Kingdom Hall yet.

    Oh well maybe he'll continue to read and learn while lurking on the forum.

    There's a lot to give up for people particularly men who had power and prominence in their Congregations as elders, not to mention the social relations created in those Halls.

  • Bonsai

    "Live and let live."

    Boy, you are preaching to the quire here. Most of us are on here because they won't leave us alone when we chose to fade away or take a break even. I have avoided "attacking" many times even though they have come to my door or sent me emails attacking my motives, sanity, morality, manliness for leaving. I'm not even df'd or da'd! Why the attacks on me? Take your self righteous email and send it to the society instead of here. Do something productive.

  • Brokeback Watchtower
    Brokeback Watchtower

    Because it's better than just whistling Dixie:


    But not better than learning to yodel:


  • gone for good
    gone for good

    '' I am no longer disfellowshipped, just do not want to practice anymore.''

    so, you brown-nosed your way back ''in'' (twice) and your third attempt to fade was finally successful?

    Aren't you special..

  • James Mixon
    James Mixon

    The worst people to talk too are those that have been DF two or

    three times. Talking to a guy that had been DF four or five times, in

    a bar. He encouraging me to come back, you know it's the truth.

    And he was falling off the bar stool. I stopped serving him drinks and

    told him he must leave, I DF him.

  • Finkelstein

    I think NewQatarJob's insinuation that people come here to deliberately attack the people who are in the JW religion is not truthful in itself, most come here such as myself to expose to the general public the harm this religion causes people in general.

    Its the organization as a whole that we are essentially attacking, exposing its indulgently corrupt proclamations and professed doctrines which were mostly devised to attract attention to the literature the WTS produced , which were also devised to enslave people to the operations of this dubiously corrupt religious publishing house.

  • WheninDoubt

    What happened. Did you all, get tired.

    So the answer to your narcissistic view is, fight evil with evil, this is the compassion, love and trust you’re telling people around the world, by you people hear. This makes you shakers better? Just want to make sure, when the next generation wants to take a bite of Eve’s apple. I’m inclined to respect an atheist or evolutionist at this point. I believe someone is this thread said, where do you get off telling us how to think or live, so my question would be, where you get off telling people on how to think and live their lives with all your anger and bitterness.

    Everything is not always black and white. Life is a double edge sword. To rebuttal, refute, questioning? Also, acknowledge the condemnation is unworthy in itself. Remember, Newton's Third Law

    Identifying Action and Reaction Force Pairs

    While I find that knowledge is a great learning tool, so would hatred be. I find similarities between this site and Muslim extremism, but I do enjoy the lack of religious knowledge spread around here, it’s very entertaining. I believe someone else said, read the bible for yourself to get the truth. How ironic, that same philosophy is taught by the jW’s, so what’s the difference, just asking is.

    So before you people get all postal on my post, go ahead make your day, it doesn’t bother me, it’s a never ending story of reality. Hey maybe someday you all can start thinking about blowing up the headquarters or knocking off some JW’s to make you feel better, you know, like the Pharisees did with Jesus. You’re thinking it or have thought about it. You have become advocates of hatred, so why not go all the way, you know get it out of your system. Kumbaya, no, just reality.

    There was mention of Albert Einstein. A theoretical physicist when it accommodates your argument or just another cocaine addict when it doesn’t. You know, your flip-flop assertions.

    So if you’re going to complain about the WT’s doctrines, then complain about EVERYONES.

    The policies on child protection result in ruined lives, harm. Are you a pedophile? Or is this a poorly worded sentence.

    The blood policy, unnecessary deaths, harm, People have the right to choose, unless otherwise forced by man’s laws. Aside from that, what business is it of anyone here. If it’s a personal experience with a family member or close friend? Then, that’s up to them. This falls under private debate not public according to the laws of the land.

    The shunning policy, family alienation, harm. This is not exclusive to JW’s, so what’s your point. If you experienced it personally, and your family and friends you knew don’t want to have anything to do with you, then they know you better than a bunch of unknowns attempting to spew your personal anger.

    The lack of freedom of thought and expression, harm to mental health. When an Author wishes to write a book or a journal towards the JW organization, the WT freely cooperates, good or bad, the WT doesn’t turn around to midline the publisher. So what freedom are you speaking of. Personal freedom to poison the minds of members that actually want to know about God? By your own preconceived notions? JW’s have every right to research what the; calling in the bible is, just as any other religion that teaches religion. The differences are between actual classroom schools or a place of worship. If you left the orgization for whatever reason, then that was you choice, stay gone. Learn your doctrine however it befits you, but don’t put it on the shoulders of others.

    The education policy, harm to member’s personal and economic potential. The WT caters to events that are ongoing at the time. Whatever might have happened in the 20’30’40'50’60’70’ 80’90’2000, etc. were specific to those generations. If there was unrest in the colleges in the late 60’s let’s say in America, they would urge their members on the dangers of going into college due to those circumstances. Did that stop JW’s from attending college, to those that could compartmentalize, did? In the 30’s and 40’s it was about war. Maybe to you its okay to kill, how many Christians killed in World War 1 and 2? How many millions have died falsely in the name of God? How many millions have died because of differences in Religion? None that have to do with the WT, but embedded only in your clueless minds. So don’t push your agenda on anyone else, but wait, that’s what this forum is about, I forgot, to distort the truth.

    The open use of the inter-net is just a usable vehicle toward that self-expression for public consumption and evaluation, in the same open expressive way the WTS. Uses the inter-net toward its endeavors. So what your saying is, the WT should get their own television program to come out on Sunday mornings or whatever time Evangelist come out on to spread their gospel, would that be more appealing to you? Or should the GB get a private email assigned like the POPE to personally chat with he’s members? Or any number of other religions like the Mormons that spread their gospel through multiple internet sites. So aside from your ignorance, how should the WT spread their gospel, you seem to be okay with everyone else, so let’s fill your personal hate centric demands.

    Your spirituality is measured and validated by your devoted service in preaching to the public by proliferating the WTS's own publications. Hmmm!!!! Have you read the Catholic encyclopedia? Or the advent encyclopedia. How about: For those that like to plug a book, Fully Devoted (Pursuing Spiritual Transformation) published in 2009, not published by the WT? How about the thousands of Christian authors that subscribe the gospel through their works. I believe there are thousands of written works by religious people even before the WT. Many by which is used here to measure spirituality, make claim, or dispute it. Remember the Mormons? They made their own book to replace the bible.

    Romans 12: 1-11 Context: Love, Zeal, Hope, Hospitality, The question is to who, to someone who wishes to hear or those that choose to remain deaf. By admission, all hear remain deaf, so why would someone waste their time. Go to another church and spew your nonsense, then compare.


    So if you’re going to complain about the WT’s doctrines, then complain about EVERYONES.

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