Why attack?

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  • Finkelstein

    Mad Irishman says .... Some need to lash out and convince themselves JW's are somehow harmful and a cult and every evil connotation they can think of.

    Thats because it is a dangerous lying corrupt religious cult, that people are lured and coerced into worshiping a publishing house and the men who run that publishing house and is done so by saying Jehovah god is backing up these particular men.

    The WTS. tells people that they are serving Jehovah , when in reality they are really serving the needs, wants and desires of the men running the WTS within its power structure.

    When an organization cultivates followers by using devious conniving means, then tells its allured members to distance themselves from everyones else in the world including their own family members, you bet there are going to be some angry pissed off people.

  • FayeDunaway

    Oubliette needs to say his refrain here.....oh shoot, I'll just do it for him

    ...'let's review.......it's a CULT!'

  • LisaRose

    Well, he certainly got the board all fired up, I haven't seen this many posts on a topic in a long time.

    My feeling about the people who choose to come on here saying nonsense like this is that they know deep down we are right and they just can't really admit it to themselves yet, it's easier to attack others than accept that they bet on the wrong horse. A truly believing JW wouldn't get near this site.

    It's just a matter of time now.

  • talesin

    To address the OP,

    The religion protects pedophiles. I have been an advocate for adult survivors of child sexual abuse for over 20 years, and the Watchtower organization is now on my radar.

    For the sake of the children.

  • vinman

    All of us are simply feeling a lot of pain. It may never go away. When I discovered TTATT 4 months ago, I cried. What can I compare it to? Imagine your parents always showing you love. They hugged and kissed you when you were growing up. They tucked you in at night. You remember all the good times with them. They provided for you. You always felt their love. You were secure. Then as you grew up, you found out that they loved you so much that they actually kidnapped you from your real parents, and killed them. Now you know the truth. But other family members are saying, you know they loved you, didn't you feel their love? Didn't they show affection? Talk about confusion. You and I have found the TTATT. Nothing good that happened in the organization will change the real truth.

  • PokerPlayerPhil

    Since when has this religion kept it's mouth shut when people try to exit quietly? They don't respect your personal rights and freedoms, as I wrote about a elder I saw who was spewing lies about me, I learned they are not good people to Bible students or non religious people who can't stomach their dangerous doctrines keeping their followers poor and educationally challenged.

    For a religion who attacks everyone with names and lots of hatred, why should they be left in peace if their active making people's lives filled with turmoil and trouble? I can't respect a religion that teaches hatred and has no control over many of their leaders, elders and rank-and-filed hateful members. Life is magically better without the rubber-necking and gossip JWs are notorious for. JWs don't practice what they preach, they want you to examine your religion while looking you straight in the face telling you "I have studied all religions and this religion I studied deeply is the Truth". They did not study the historical events that lead up to all their theology, all the history is hidden!

  • AlwaysBusy

    NewQatarJob .....Pain....that is the 'truth'. I loved and still do love the Witnesses...and I feel sorry for many of them because I know most of them are hurting in one way or the other. But the pain that was caused to me and my family has never gone away...and probably will never go away. My sons were molested by our trusted and beloved Elder 'family friend'. Their best buddy was drugged and raped by this same elder. He was removed as an elder but not df'd or reproved. I was DF'd for gossiping when I tried to warn parents in the Hall. This same elder worked with my husband and had smooth-talked and conned him so much, that my husband didn't believe my sons. I should hate them all, but I don't, because I still believe in Jehovah and Jesus and try to live by their example. I was a good person then, and I am a good person now, but according to the WT I am evil and already dead. Now....you tell me, after reading the posts, are the people here to attack the WT, or are they here to try to get help in making sense of everything that has happened to them. Sometimes I wish I had someone to talk to, but I don't. It's places like this, Silent Lambs and seeing a psychiatrist in the past that have helped me cope. You probably aren't reading this anyway though and that's ok. Have a good day, week, month and rest of your life.

  • smiddy

    And we still have not heard from NewQatarJob

    just saying


  • jwfacts

    "Live and let live."

    Sounds spineless to me. The world is a far better place than 200 years ago because not everyone shares your lack of care for others. Some people stand up against injustice and get positive results

  • Pistoff

    My reason is that they lie, lie, lie, about everything from their credentials to what they do with our money.

    I expect to be lied to in business, but not from a 'religion'.

    And they split up families.

    They change doctrine constantly, and expect you to keep up, to swear loyalty to the old ideas, and when they change, to discard them and swear loyalty to the new.

    And if you pay attention, you might let your minor child bleed to death, or watch your spouse slowly die in front of you, when they refuse blood to 'stay loyal to Jehovah'.

    There; how is that for reasons to 'attack'?

    We are here to tell the truth about our experience being a JW, that is our experience.

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