Why attack?

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  • Slave4_38y
    Hmmm, I wonder why newqatarjob was disfellowshipped (twice!!!!) . . .
  • defender of truth
    defender of truth
    Wow, WheninDoubt got banned. I feel like a right plonker now for writing a long reply to him.
    If anyone feels that he should be taken even slightly seriously, or if you just want a good laugh at his gibberish, check this page out:
  • yodastar
    I'm sorry you feel like this but you are completely naïve. I agree with a lot of the posts in that this site helps enormously work through the emotional baggage and we are all at different stages. It's not like we can ring them up and have a bitch is it? And you really feel this way after being disfellowshipped twice? Really don't get it. My brother was disfellowshipped after being ambushed by the elders. They were out for blood not forgiveness and love so I don't get it? It's really not about attack, its actually that people care that the borg has hurt so many. Very cultish behaviour
  • yodastar
    I liked your post AlwaysBusy. You have great forgiveness in your heart! Just because we are judged by a religious org doesn't mean it's true. Stay strong. Cheers
  • talesin

    Pistoff, what a passionate, and poignant, reply! And I quote: "We are here to tell the truth". Thank you! xx

    And I am thinking of a particular member, whose wife died for lack of a kidney transplant, 6 months before they had 'new light'. Thinking of you, G. xx

    [bold mine]

    My reason is that they lie, lie, lie, about everything from their credentials to what they do with our money.
    I expect to be lied to in business, but not from a 'religion'.
    And they split up families.
    They change doctrine constantly, and expect you to keep up, to swear loyalty to the old ideas, and when they change, to discard them and swear loyalty to the new.
    And if you pay attention, you might let your minor child bleed to death, or watch your spouse slowly die in front of you, when they refuse blood to 'stay loyal to Jehovah'.
    There; how is that for reasons to 'attack'?

    We are here to tell the truth about our experience being a JW, that is our experience.

  • cappytan
    This dude either did a total drive by, or has been driven speechless by the amazing responses. If you believe the latter, I've got some Pyramidology books you might be interested in buying.

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