Attention all apostates!

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  • villabolo

    To be blunt about it you're wrong angel eyes. Your organization is not Jah's spiritual home nor are the JWs his spiritual family. Also, being disfellowshipped on a matter of conscience or integrity is a badge of honor. So even if it's devestating it's like being wounded in a war against an evil organization except no one is going to give us a purple heart.


  • jookbeard

    AE's , DFing is the exact opposite of which you mention above , and is something to be celebrated , tens of thousand's have become closer to Jerkhobahs spiritual family after this process, and how the hell can you repent for a sin you have not even committed? FFS, I'm still waiting for your God after being D/Aed in absence by your loving elders still after all these years, God may see but he does nothing, I'm still waiting for Biblical evidence that shows D/Fing equals cutting off God, please show me?

  • ldrnomo
  • ldrnomo

    On the first post I was speechless. But now I have my thoughts in order.

    Phillip, That was the most incoherent post I have ever read. It doesn't make sense. Please try to reword it. Don't use JW speak use regular human language.

    Maybe I'm stupid but I have to tell you your post really sounds fanatical. I have to now think that you have possible mental problems. Perhaps bi-polar or schizophrania. This is not uncommon amongst Jehovah's Witnesses I hope that you are taking some kind of medication to control your unruly mind.

    As a CO who is now dead once said, "Get Real" (Ray Martin)



    God does`nt have a spiritual home..

    He wanders throught the universe and hunts Space Chickens.

    It`s in the Bible!..


  • Joshnaz

    Hey Chipper!

    You said, "at least you would be in good standing to those who matter to Jehovah." Does that mean, "IN ENGLISH" if we impress our Jehovah Witness friends that this is the only way to matter to Jehovah? If you believe that and have the nerve to write that on this post your an idiot! God loves everyone! God is love. You don't have to be a Jehovah's Witness and do things that other Jehovah's witnesses like to MATTER to God!

  • Alwayshere

    July 2009 Awake (the 1 for the public) "No one should be forced to worship in a way that he finds unacceptable OR be made to choose between his beliefs and his family." That is exactly what the Watchtower Society makes its members do. What Hypocrites!

  • angel eyes
    angel eyes

    Jookbeard you didnt read all i put then??? didnt think so.....

    I said if some are DF for wrong reasons then Jah sees that and it doesnt apply to them!!

    Now moving on, regarding repent for a sin you havent committed,then this would mean elders have clearly made an error....hence the above id already said. You well know the scriptures and you know the truth.....When Adam and eve rebelled against God they were removed from his spiritual home,they were put outside. Df is the same, people are removed from Jahs home (yes some maybe in error) yet those still in his spiritual family remain inside. I do know some who were DF wrongly and hey made an appeal...they returned too.

  • jookbeard

    where is this spiritual home you speak of? scripture please , Adam and Eve were destined to fail even before they were born, try telling that to my elders about my wrongful D/A'n, if it was the truth AE's I would never have left, and that is the main reason I left because of the failed doctrine, false prophecy and out right lies that the WTS promote as truth

    I said if some are DF for wrong reasons then Jah sees that and it doesnt apply to them!!

    Tell that to the elders and see what happens..

    Your unrepentant..Your still disfellowshipped..

    Your friends and family still shun you..

    Your life is a mess..


    Jehovah is wandering around the Universe..

    Hunting Space Chickens!!


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