Attention all apostates!

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  • bluecanary

    PJ, if you were attempting to mock the witnesses and make them look really stupid, you succeeded.

  • highdose

    is this guy for real??? or is it a spoof???

    if its a spoof then its funny, if real then rather scary example of someones whose been mega brainwashed, makes me glad i'm out and can think for myself without spouting watchtower quotes

  • KW13

    bless, its a dubby! hello dub

  • The Almighty Homer
    The Almighty Homer

    Sounds to me like a Dub who drinks a lot and makes incohesive and irrational statements.

  • angel eyes
    angel eyes

    pj,how can you say DF is something you get use too? and the more your DF the more Jah loves you??? Id never count myself fortunate to be DF...its devistating and never ever would i allow myself to be DF, i will always ALWAYS remain loyal to Jehovah. Many on here who were or are DF found it heart breaking,even if because it meant they lost touch with family members,they wouldnt have seen it as lightly as you have.

    I'm sure you didnt mean it that way but im shocked to how you maybe seeing it??

  • Satanus


    Bible says that the one jehovah loves, he scorges, ie, he killed jesus, whom he loved.


  • jookbeard

    how does D/Fing = losing loyalty to Jerkhoobah? please show me a scripture that supports this

  • homeschool

    wow. bttt

  • angel eyes
    angel eyes

    Df isnt something to be desired....its clearly a putting out from Jah's spiritual Adam and eve,they were put outside.

    But then again you know this so im not telling you something you dont already know. When one is Df they lose contact with Jehovahs spiritual family,they are knowlonger part of his spiritual family and therfore lose his approval......Jesus came for repentant sinners,not yes if any have been df in error then Jah sees that and this doesnt apply to them,but if ones arent repentant and have done things that are unscriptual then this does apply...pretty straight forward really. If we do wrong and repent we are forgiven,if the elders still df then Jah sees the wrong,but Jah also sees when ones have been put out and feel its wrong yet by their actions or attitudes it shows they arent sorry......

  • chickpea

    pretty sure the % of people
    on this forum considering
    themselves to be apostate
    who will be subject to right
    answers that will lead [them]
    away from apostaty
    is less
    than the % of newly baptized
    gathered from the "field" ....

    anyone have the link to the video
    with the real numbers ... FS hours
    vs # of recruited being baptized?

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