Attention all apostates!

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  • The Almighty Homer
    The Almighty Homer

    Don't take my comment directed at anyone just a different perspective

  • John Doe
    John Doe

    Too many ambiguous pronoun references exist in the origional post to be precisely followed. "They" seems to be talking about several groups of people, and the group being discussed is not clear in every case.

  • palmtree67

    Definately not chiding you, Mrs. J.

    Nothing but respect for you.

    It irritated me the same way until I thought, "Oh, ya, that's what I'm NOT missing in my life anymore!!"

  • mrsjones5

    Palmtree, my comment wasn't directed towards you.

  • yknot

    Now Now my fellow JWN posters.....

    PJ's feelings are those the WTS has worked hard to indocrinate! However he is here and not only lurking but registered and posting too! This means that he knows something is wrong and right now he needs to feel the problem is us and not the WTS but like everyone else on this board or who regularly lurks here knows the evidence is overwhelming that the WTS is guilty of many unChristian deeds in the lust to gain and retain power, influence and money. In time he too will know and be freed from the Borg's mental grips.

    Do we want him to never post again or do we want him to learn as we have the truth about the 'troof'?

    I would prefer the latter and would like to take the opportunity to invite him to partake initially of thread like Blondie's WT comments or Lukewarm's Mid-week meeting thread! From there he can challenge and discover things of the past and discern the relevence of the WT's future. He will certainly delight in the notes that are posted of the Annual meeting and other organizational reports and gossip.....

    PJ..... please take the time to examine JWN's "Best of" section and open threads for further discussion on there topics!

    Everyone here is at different stages of their journey of JWism.

    The three most popular books to be read on this forum are CoC, ISoCF by Franz (best of section page 3) and Steve Hassan's Combating Cult Mind Control........ I challenge you to read all three of those books and see if what you believe now and will have tested over the course of reading these publications is what you will believe after. Remember the truth is unwavering and if the WTS has the truth nothing on this site, in those books or spoken by anyone else on the planet will change that truth. However if the WTS isn't telling the truth, then the truth of troof as we say on JWN will be revealed to say a prayer, ask for guidance during your journey and examine your faith and religious affliation just like the Bereans did and the Bible encourages all to do!.

  • wha happened?
    wha happened?

    Which truth will prevail? Because some of the truths from just a few years ago are no more.

    I think what gets me is the arrogance. Talking to a JW can become a real circle jerk. I've bumped into JW's who didn't know I was a JW and wow, they just look down at u. I've even had employees who knew I became inactive who tried to shun me. Uh hello, u work for me. Ignore me and u are fired.

    I suppose I should be patient because when I first looked at this site I thought everyone was so negative. It took time for me to realize my own pain and it's real source. Once I figured it out then everyones comments took the form of where my road was heading

  • yknot
    Come on! Didn't the Ministry School teach you to overcome objections?

    LOL Dinah my best Elderette has that assignment in two weeks!......GAWD I hope that FWN rumor is true!

    Alas posting here sure helps with overcoming objections............... to all the self-glorifying babel that is coming from the GB these days! I was thinking about how much 'hope' there was back in 77' & 78' over the GB taking over versus a single presidency...... yet here they are doing the exact same thing minus date prediction stuff! ...... But it makes one really appreciate Ray's integrity!

  • John Doe
    John Doe
    Do we want him to never post again or do we want him to learn as we have the truth about the 'troof'?

    I really couldn't care less. I have no agenda in any of my posts. I call a duck a duck, and will thump him over the head and fricase him if he quacks.

  • yknot

    What can I say John..... being still 'in' I haven't been able to shake my indoctrination to 'lead' others to the truth......

    Damn .... I really should start counting time here!

  • watson

    I'm growing tired of your foul mouth Shamus.

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