Attention all apostates!

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  • OnTheWayOut

    Most of those that are labeled "Apostate" by members of the WTBS have realized how stupid and unloving it is to shun.
    They won't shun us for being here.

    Some of us have realized that we don't want to lose family, but we can afford to lose "friends" if they want to shun us.

    If one strays from the flock he will leave the 99 to find that one. What a loving thought.

    That is a wonderful thought, but it's not a reality in WTS and it's congregations. So many have been "stray" sheep out there, easily found if the shepherds even tried to look, but NOOOOOOO. They generally don't try at all to "find that one."

    The prodigal son would have had to face a judicial committee and if the three men decided he was repentant, he could remain silent in the cong. for awhile. A celebration of his return would have been discouraged. As a matter of fact, since he repeated his "sins," he probably would get DF'ed and shunned for awhile before he learned how to kiss elder asses.

  • dinah

    Exactly, OTWO! When you go back you are viewed with distrust. How long will it be before the offending disciple sins again?

    Jehovah's Witnesses are the most VILE thing I have ever witnessed in my entire life. There is NO love, only blind devotion to those who hold fear of dying over your head.

    Some of us didn't commit suicide over being df'd. Those are the ones they really should worry about. What don't kill ya, makes you stronger.

    I've been waiting to kiss the monkey for quite some time. *muahhhhhhh* Shamus.

  • shamus100


    thanks for the kiss...

    And I agree - Jehovahs Witnesses are the most vile people in the world. They lick their lips looking forward to armageddon and all the evil idiot apostates gnashing their theeth outside dying, while they go pet lions by perpetual waterfalls forever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever... (hey, that erosion is starting to kick in... we're getting close to the waterfall) and ever and ever and ever and ever....(holy crap, it's gonna fall in!) and ever and ever and ever and ever (aaaaigh!!!) sploosh.

    Now go find another waterfall and clean that monkey poop!

  • dinah

    I would rather spend eternity cleaning monkey poop than live with judgemental heartless humanoids. I can't even call them human, they are drones.

  • shamus100
  • dinah

    How many monkeys we talkin' bout?

  • shamus100

    They're like vermin - you know what they are like. They just keep multiplying; maybe jehovah will have front-end loaders for all the shit that will be everywhere! And think of what we'll do with all the dead monkeys when they pass away - they are animals, after all. Who will clean all the dead monkeys?


    I'm being an ass on your thread now. Please disregard me and I'll stop posting here - I actually want you to post. Bring on the cut and paste watchtower nonsense. For now, I'll go make my own equally stupid thread.

  • dinah

    Dammit, I wanted to tear a dub a new ass.

    Foiled again!

  • yknot

    Welcome PJ Schipper!

    This site is for the discussion of the JWs, the good, the bad, and the downright ugly!

    Now lets be clear on apostates. Jehovah's definition found in Job isn't what counts with the WTS, rather it is their own man-made definition that is followed. So please go and grab your WTS book entitled "Pay Attention to Yourselves and All the Flock" and flip to page 94 to find the WTS definition of apostates.

    If you don't have the "Pay Attention" in your theocratic library (not found on CD) you can download a copy in PDF at the link below

    Nice to meet you and I look forward to your future commentary on other topics!

    (BTW many of us felt like you do now when we first came, but the 130 years of literature and experience sharing comments made us realize the WTS isn't all it claims to be, sad but that is the ugly truth about the 'troof')

  • dinah

    I'm betting there are more people who have been dubs and ran screaming for the building, than there are active Dubs.

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