Attention all apostates!

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  • JWoods
    isaac, I've asked angel that question several times now and have been consistently ignored.
    Here's another question I don't expect a response to: When someone is wrongly disfellowshipped--and their appeal is denied--where is Jehvoah's spirit? Imperfect men aside, is Jehovah incapable of protecting his loyal servants by keeping them in his congregation? In what way is his spirit directing these men?

    Another point might be - why do they need to have a majority VOTE on the Governing Body to settle doctrinal matters...if the spirit was doing it, wouldn't it just be unanimous?

  • bluecanary

    Great question James. Don't expect an answer from angel. This is what she has to say on the subject.

  • isaacaustin

    Blue Canary, I have noticed you question to that effect has not been answered, or even an attemt made. I feel my couple of attempts to ask that have also gone unanswered.

    Angel Eyes, I am not attacking you. I am asking you to back up an assertion you are making here consistently, as well as basing much of what you say here on. If you are not able to back up the claim that the WT is God's org, then why do you beleive it is?

  • isaacaustin

    Ok, I must have missed that. So a closed minds...circular logic...the wall that blocks all thinking of "this is the truth", the feeling that the org goes on the same level as God and is answerable to non one and above any questioning and criticism.

    Very sorry to see that.

    BUT, and Angel Eyes you KNOW this to be true whether you want to admit it or not- IF the elder in your hall knew you come to this site and post you would be in hot water. You can try saying we are not truly apostate, Jehovah reads the heart, etc but the bottom line is this is a site with many df ones and exJW, as well as 'known apostates'. The WT is not wishy washy on that. They are quite clear, shunning is not an option it is a mandate. Sites like these are forbidden to JWs. That is the truth.

    The fact that you are hear shows that you have some doubt somewhere, or have experienced a lack of love in the org that leaves you wanting.

    That I am sure of.

  • bluecanary

    Just rollin' over the pages.

  • PSacramento

    Lets us be clear on one thing, for someone, even more so a group of people, to decide that someone else is "opposition" to God ( in what amounts to being an antichrist), that person/group has passed judgement on another to the degree that they have mde themselves Judge over another.

    Now, we are NOT talking about someone who has commited a provable crime, no, this is NOt the case.

    A "group" of indivduals decides in the manner THEY see fit that someone in THEIR OPINION is in opposition to GOD, the almighty, and how do they decide that? good question, let me know the answer when you find it.

    Judging a person is bad enough but to judge their FAITH is placing the people judging in the place of God AND Jesus.

    Talk about a sin against the Holy Spirit.

  • kurtbethel

    I am NOT an apostate! I am a "study". I come here to do much of my study because those men in suits who come to the door from the Kingdumb Hall lie to me and give me evasive nonsensical answers much of the time.

  • DJK

    "Jesus spoke to those who had a thirst.....i pm many who are also the same,like me,they love lifes water......"

    So there's water involved too?

  • bluecanary
    So there's water involved too?

    I think that's a euphemism.

  • shamus100

    Holy crap - eight pages and this person has barley answered any of you.

    Maybe you all do protest too much.

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