ABC's report on child abuse

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  • ToesUp

    The GB is sweating. That is a good thing! There is alot of progress being made quickly. I feel "new light" coming on!

  • daringhart13

    I would like someone to define what it means to 'protect someone spiritually'

    Simply put an incredibly ignorant answer.... but a typical JW elder

  • OnTheWayOut
    Wow! That was a powerful report.
  • blondie

    Starting with the MS, the elders, COs, DOs, etc., they learn that their allegiance is to a human organization, one they believe alone represents God on earth. To vary one bit, means they will lose their precious positions.

    This is an organization that says all non-jws and most jws are not entitled to the facts, reality. the truth, that they can lie to them and have God's favor.

    After 5 years, my husband could not take it any more.

    Whereas I faced not 2 but 6 elders regarding my sister. I basically did the CO's job (he retired after that circuit). I was working in law enforcement then in the court section so knew the DA and assistant DAs. With their coaching, the elders realized that if they didn't discipline my father, it would be in the news. He was privately reproved but I saw how the WTS system worked. It took me 7 years to recover from this and be strong enough to leave the WTS permanently.

    My father confessed and was privately reproved. But to those of us who knew the facts, he said he had lied to the elders by confessing that he had never done anything. He said this in front of 3 people but the elders felt it was a closed issue. Do the elders have help from the holy spirit? No or else they are not listening to it.

    I'm encouraged to see that laws keep getting stronger, the lawyers smarter, the victims braver. If you want to help, check what the laws are regarding reporting. Work with the people in your area to strengthen those laws.

  • AlwaysBusy

    I feel sick when I hear these reports...and Blondie, I am sorry you had to suffer. My family was devastated by an elder/pedophile 17 years ago....I wish I could forget the nightmare that started with that discovery. I feel for Candace...she's courageous, and I'm sure JWs put her through the ringer, cold and cruel as many of them are. I really don't know what else to say, because it's more than sad and sick.

  • Freesoul

    Thanks Garrett for the Youtube link. as I was unable to view it on the ABC link.

    Kendrick confessed that he abused his step daughter, he confessed this crime to the elders, the elders kept this information confidential and did not warn congregation members, and was not charged. (How can this organisation condone this?)

    Kendrick was also charged and found guilty of also abusing his step granddaughter.

    How is this man still considered a Jehovah's witness?

    How is it possible that active Jehovah's witnesses look at this situation and believe that Candice Conti be considered an "apostate" or a "liar" and not believe her?

    Well Done Candice for standing up for something that would be very hard to do!!

    What a bunch of hipocrits, if one of Jehovah's witness is found smoking a cigarette, he will be excommunicated by the church and his family will not be able to have normal communication with him, not even be able to send him an email, or attend their wedding, for the rest of his life. He is to be considered dead to his family until he repents and sees the error of his way.

    It's amazing how the wife can then call the police and ask help from the police (which they believe is part of Satan the Devil's organisation).

    Then the organisation will brush this off as "APOSTATE LIES"


  • konceptual99
    Don't forget that on jwtalk they don't like anything that goes too far against the party line. Frank debate is not a strong point over there....
  • Finkelstein

    I would like someone to define what it means to 'protect someone spiritually'

    Thats JWS jargon for protecting one from Satan's evil influences,

    What do you call it when an person exploits the clean wholesome image of Christianity, to only attack children for misbegotten deeds ?

    There are two problematic sociological scenarios that can occur by using this ideology.

    Where someone could use this so described spirituality to be injurious to others and that same time withhold

    within themselves that they will be redeemed from their misdeeds with little consequences.

    Christ is my personal redeemer is a imposing threat that many people exploit to the determent of any human social environment.

  • NewYork44M

    Great report (thank you ABC) and comments. The one take-away for me was that they captured the watchtower-speak. In some reports they get the language all wrong: They nailed it this time. I wonder what "worldly people" thought when the quote the letter about "worldly people."

  • OnTheWayOut

    I am not a fan of the forced camera interviews where people have to tell interviewers to go away. In virtually all circumstances, I would tell them to go away also. But Rick messed up in saying anything. What he did say was seemingly contradictory to what was presented in court. There was no allowing for him to deny Candace's accusations and they didn't want him appearing to be cross-examined. Watchtower lawyers did not take a defense that included denying allegations.

    What Rick's wife said was revealing also. She damn well knows Rick was guilty, having said he paid for the crime she knows he committed.

    The Watchtower lawyers trying to deny that Candace was "assigned" to work with Rick is such nonsense and it appears that the jury was not fooled by the defense. The fact is that a dangerous known predator was allowed to choose Candace and the congregation, were it not under strict orders, could easily have prevented that.

    I know I cannot get my JW wife to even consider watching the video, but should I be isolated with Jehovah's Witnesses, it will probably come up in my conversation.

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