ABC's report on child abuse

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    I wonder what "worldly people" thought when the quote the letter about "worldly people."

    I think of them as "Devil People"............

  • flipper
    The most amazing thing about this Nightline report to me was the revealing of the absolutely arrogant and pompous attitudes of Kendrick and his wife. I mean- what the hell did they expect ? Crumpets with tea from the ABC news reporter for Christ's sakes ? It's like , " Yeah, I'm a child molester and this is my wife who is pissed off as hell that ABC is invading our privacy and because you are telling the truth and exposing me as a child molester- my wife is calling the police . " Dumb shits. They really think the cops will side with them? He's a freaking child molester ! I never cease to be amazed at the stupidity of sociopathic people
  • Marvin Shilmer
    Marvin Shilmer

    Sorry folks. Couldn't help myself...

  • Heaven

    Good one Marvin.

    I watched my Father struggle with the belief that this is the one true religion against the reality that a known child molester was an active member of his congregation - now former congregation (the abuse took place back in the 1990s).

    As of the fall of 2010, this man was still a JW in my Dad's former congregation.

  • JakeM2012

    Candice said that "anyone NOT one a Jehovah's Witness was walking dead (+/-)" and then the camera panned over the artwork on the cover of the Watchtowers magazines of the destruction of Harmageddon, then they cut to the Watchtowers own PR video of a young man saying, "and then there will be a new earth". Nice work!

    JW's didn't turn out looking so well on this one. The lawyer for Watchtower saying in court that they took care of them spiritually and nothing more could be expected was priceless. They think that they can all speak softly and that equates to being "spiritual" and reasonable,.... well, all except Kendrick and his hussy wife.

    I'm putting it together why Watchtower Bible and Tract Society want to move their headquarters out of New York City and hide in the country.

    Watchtower having to eat this is great. They could have put a stop to all of this years ago by changing their internal judicial system policies but have arrogantly done nothing. They could have 1) told the victims family they needed to report the crime, 2) The congregation elders could have been instructed by the WT legal department to report the crime to police and let them handle it, instead of pulling the "confidentiality card" 3) If they want to do their own internal JW investigation then do that. They act like their spiritual "discipline", their little public reproof/disfellowshipping is more important than jail time for child molesters.

    I hope the floodgates continue to be opened on the WTBTS and drown them.

  • respectful_observer
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  • defender of truth
    defender of truth

    ToesUp said:
    "At 6:15 they state, "it's not the responsibility of a religious organization to protect children from sexual abuse by other congregation members.
    They provide education to parents on the risk of sexual abuse."

    'Providing education'
    is the only responsibility of the organisation?
    Just telling parents what to do in order to protect children, that is all they are able to do?!

    Your average JW will likely accept that is all that the organisation can do.
    After all, the organisation is basically just a legal structure for a literature printing corporation.
    It can't control what anyone does at a local level...

    But wait a minute!
    What about the Elders that the organisation trains, appoints, and then tells what to do on a daily basis?
    Isn't the organisation responsible for what they instruct Elders to do in these cases?

    And what kind of education and instructions do they receive from the organisation, regarding child molesters?
    'We will tell you who is a predator or not.
    And we will tell you whether to call the police, or if you should stay silent.
    Listen, obey and be blessed..'

    And even with the letters from the Governing Body, or the lack of a legal necessity to report child abuse in the UK and some parts of the US... when it comes to handling such serious matters as the exploitation and harm of children, you would think that an Elder would want to warn their flock and protect them from danger.. not only spiritually, but physically.

    Quote from an excellent article on the Mark Sewell case:
    " A church [Watchower] spokesman said:...
    “The spiritual and physical welfare of Jehovah’s Witnesses is of paramount concern to the elders who have been appointed to ‘shepherd the flock’ ."

    Wales Online article

  • millie210
    JakeM20123 hours agoThey think that they can all speak softly and that equates to being "spiritual" and reasonable,...

    You got that persona attitude exactly right. So true!

  • fleshyheadedmutant
    Advertise, advertise, advertise...isn't that what they always said to do? Ha!
  • OrphanCrow
    morpheus: The floodgates have not opened by any rational measurment or logical standard. There are over a million pubs in the usa. 20 cases is .002 percent of total publishers. I would agree that even one case is too many but its also sensationalized to call 20 a floodgate. if "watchtower" thought there were only 20 potential cases lurking they would laugh themselves to sleep at night.

    Maybe the reporters are taking into consideration the statistics that reveal that less than 10 percent of child abuse cases get reported. If you combine that figure with the restrictive policies on reporting that the WTS practices, it is not unreasonable to think that the percentage figure of un-reporting is much lower within the JW community and would result in a lower figure than 10 percent.,8599,1863650,00.html

    Those 20 cases that are mentioned are only the pimple on the top of a huge, pus leaking boil that sits ready to be popped.

    Child abuse/rape is systemic within the JW community.

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