ABC's report on child abuse

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  • Gone and forgotten
    Gone and forgotten
    Just wow...he's still married? He abused that woman's granddaughter and she's still with him? And defending him like a blood thirsty shrew. I hope she never sees or gets to communicate with that little girl in anyway....oh that's right, the child's parents were probably df'd for revealing the secret to the police. So problem solved.
  • Finkelstein

    The best part of this video is that Kendricks probably went in and shit himself knowing that he might be on a

    ABC news telecast.

    Justice comes in various ways sometimes.

    Now that he lied right in front of the camera, tells a further tale to the whole event.

  • Finkelstein

    A possible scenario at Johnathan Kendricks Hall.......

    " Brother pervert, I mean brother Kendricks would please end the meeting in prayer "

  • Kanon
    What a joke, the man admitted to molesting his step-daughter. Gone to jail for molesting his step-grandaughter. Then wants people to believe he never touched Candace.
  • Mickey mouse
    Mickey mouse
    That was a quality piece of journalism.
  • done4good


    JW Talk appears to be pretty somber on this:

    Not nearly so much blaming the victim as I would have expected, although, of course, there is absolutely 0 sympathy expressed for her, either.

    I dunno. That thread seems to go back and forth, from compassion and sensible discussion, to some brain dead drone spouting the company line, to the sensible and compassionate falling back into cult speak after the brain dead drones make their comments. In the end it pissed me off for sure. Not sure why I would have bothered to read a JW discussion on this subject. These people are incredibly dehumanized.


  • sir82

    Yeah, the thread has taken several turns since I first posted that.

    It's like the initial shock has worn off, and the cognitive dissonance is working its magic. By tomorrow they'll all be "united" again.

    They are already calling her an "apostate puppet" and "hypocritical".

  • cofty

    Candace comes across as a very rational and emotionally intelligent woman. I really hope she wins the case, but even if it fails in appeal she has done a fantastic work in exposing the organisation.

    It was a great piece of journalism.

  • Kanon

    That jwtalk thread is interesting, you can see the humanity come through but the auto defense comes on walls go up and it is all an attack on God.

    I wish these people would just take a look at the evidence in the case of Kendrick then decide who is in the wrong.

  • bafh

    I went to the link on JW- Talk - boy, they are quick to jump on the victim and not the perp. And no mention that Conti was going to let it go until it was found out that he went to jail for molesting another child because the fact that he was a molester was not public information inside the congregation.

    To me - that is one of the biggest issues - that the information that someone was a molester is not shared in any way with the congregation and that people are encouraged to trust each other.

    The other big issue is that they don't feel any ordinary obligation to report it to the police but only do so if required by state law - even then I'm not sure they do - don't these men have any conscience?

    On top of all that - keep them dumb and uneducated so they can't determine for themselves the real issues. 😥

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