ABC's report on child abuse

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  • Finkelstein

    - don't these men have any conscience?

    They have only one important engaging conscience and that is protect the purposed image of the organization and the people within it. Its a spiritual paradise chosen by Jehovah himself, unlike any church or organization on earth you know.

    In reality this is the core of the problem for it avails disingenuous people to exploit that created image for their own begotten sins.

    The latest letter directive to all the congregations stating that elders are to only report situations of pedophilia if the local laws require to do so, shows just how much the WTS heads want to protect that self described image.

  • Marvin Shilmer
    Marvin Shilmer

    Just took a look at that discussion. Lots of head-in-sand burying. Some of them will probably wake up one day only to learn they've let themselves become followers of men.

    Not to change the subject, but this was my first introduction to The subject matter (what is and is not discussed there) is very telling. I noticed an admission that the Branch had indirectly asked its owners to remove certain topics for discussion. The owners apparently followed these men. And there's the 800-lb gorilla.

  • Kanon
    The other big issue is that they don't feel any ordinary obligation to report it to the police but only do so if required by state law - even then I'm not sure they do - don't these men have any conscience?

    They do - If required by state law

    1st-They confront the accused and see if he will turn himself in, if no.

    2nd-They see if anyone else who knows will go forward, if no.

    3rd-Two elders make an anonymous phone call from a neutral location they write down who called, who they spoke to time etc and sign it put in the congregation file. So if the issue is raised they can say they complied with the law.

    This has nothing to do with bringing a criminal to justice but simple to cover there ass.

  • cappytan
    It appears that JW talk thread either got taken down or was made "members only."
  • sir82

    Yep, they moved it to one of their "members only" folders.


  • _Morpheus

    i went back and rewatched to get another take on the semantic. In the context used, refering to the leadership of the watchtower bible and tract society as "watchtower" was came off as incorrect and very clumsy. It perked my jw ears the first time and did so again. I take that viewpoint because nonwitnesses wont have any trouble believing the report as it is, only current jw's will question the validity.

    and respectfully, no. The floodgates have not opened by any rational measurment or logical standard. There are over a million pubs in the usa. 20 cases is .002 percent of total publishers. I would agree that even one case is too many but its also sensationalized to call 20 a floodgate. if "watchtower" thought there were only 20 potential cases lurking they would laugh themselves to sleep at night.

  • flipper
    This was an outstanding piece of journalism. Probably the best yet in my opinion. As far as hitting the issue hard and showing the absolute arrogance of Kendrick and his ever " supportive " JW wife in their sociopathic denial of any guilt whatsoever or compassion towards Conti. Candace handled herself fantastic- she was very composed and put the emphasis on trying to bring changes to the WT Society's child abuse policies for other potential victims. The WT representatives on the court stand and Kendrick and his wife came across as indignant criminals who got their hand caught in the cookie jar and showed NO remorse whatsoever. WT Society is looking REALLY bad now. Just as bad as the Catholic church did- if not worse. WT leaders, Kendrick and his wife deserve any negative fallout they get for being so arrogant and prideful
  • Simon
    Please do not attempt to harass members of other communities by copying and pasting their content here.
  • James Mixon
    James Mixon

    They come to your door to announce you are a sinner (maybe not in those words),

    but you are doomed. You go to their door and announce, your husband is convicted

    child molester and they call the police. I hope the neighbors picket their home....

  • Finkelstein

    In regards to the pedophilia situation with the JW organization, there is an obvious contradiction happening that most people with a bit honesty and personal integrity can see.

    GB member Stephan Lett recently announced that if there were any organization that would protect children from sexual predators, it would be the JWS.

    In light of the fact of the Candace Conti case which this news journalistic broadcast revealed was something of an act of irresponsibility. What appears is a situation of people strategically hiding behind doors and those doors were the front doors of Kingdom Halls.

    Are those imbecile elders so stupid not know that pedophiles tend to re offend and why didn't Kendricks admit to attacking Candace ???

    The real answer may lie in the fact that if he did he could be charged again with pedophilia and spend a lot longer behind bars in comparison from his first conviction.

    In that constraint realization its no wonder he's in denial.

    A second charge of pedophilia could send behind bars for more than 10 years.

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