ABC's report on child abuse

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  • Billy the Ex-Bethelite
    Billy the Ex-Bethelite

    I would like someone to define what it means to 'protect someone spiritually'

    For that matter, what does "invisibly present" mean?

    "Protect spiritually" is part of the mind control. Who is WT protecting the sheeple from? 'Satan and his system'. What is WT 'spirituality'? Invisible mind control. Does WT's condemnation of "Satan's system" and "this wicked world" protect JWs? In JW minds, it protects them from having sex with someone they're not married to. In reality, it prevents them from reporting crimes like this to the 'worldly' police and prevents them from saying anything that would put WT in a bad light.

    "invisibly present" = visibly absent

    "protect someone spiritually" = "victimize someone mentally and physically"

  • Finkelstein

    Within the understanding of protecting someone spiritually, Jonathan Kendricks used that assumed cloak of spiritual protection, to assult another child and probably use that pretentious cloak to get away from prosecution.

    It bares well to keep in mind that he did not get charged with assaulting Candace Conti. The intensionally hush hush policies within the JWS helped him to achieve into not getting re-charged with another pedophilia offense..

  • Crazyguy
    I'm glad abc did this piece, it means there's hope that has more of these cases unfold in the courts a network may run the story. The Borg needs to be exposed at ever opportunity so that "world people" will think twice before joining this crazy cult. The ones in will not wake up mostly but keeping new people out will hasten the demise of this evil sect of satanism.
  • Pistoff

    About floodgates:

    With the last 2 high profile cases, the internal workings of the WT, including the correspondence between leadership and elders, is increasingly revealed and made public.

    The legal mechanism by which future cases will be prosecuted against WT has been sharpened considerably; those floodgates, the access to internal workings, will lead to a flood of future cases if WT keeps up their current policy of burying their head in the sand.

    That is something that should have the WT leadership awake at night.

  • Brokeback Watchtower
    Brokeback Watchtower
    That is something that should have the WT leadership awake at night.

    Very very true but it all depends on how much they are in denial and hoping in invisible Deities and Hail Mary plays.

  • blondie

    The WTS hides behind the "clergy-penitent" laws in many places saying what is revealed to them by another member in the congregation is to be kept confidential, that the elders are acting as clergy. Yet jws meet with a minimum of 3 elders when a wrongdoing (or possible) is to be discussed. Thus the matter is not kept confidential because there are 3 elders, the CO, is involved and whoever they send their report to at the WTS administration.

    Does the WTS consider that they have a clergy?

    *** g 8/09 p. 23 Should There Be a Clergy-Laity Distinction? ***

    In order to adhere closely to the pattern set down in the Bible, Jehovah’s Witnesses have, not a clergy class, but unpaid spiritual shepherds and teachers who willingly minister to God’s flock


    The SNAP Network started in 1982 and with their tenacity and hard work have built a legal base that helps not only Catholics but others confront abuse in other religious organizations as well as providing support to victims.

  • Listener


    "Please do not attempt to harass members of other communities by copying and pasting their content here."

    What on earth is this all about? We are a JW forum talking about JWs beliefs and teachings.
  • flipper
    This ABC report I feel should be spread about far and wide to JW's and non-JW's. There are already over 900 comments on the ABC news report link to this. And I'm sure much talk on Facebook, Twitter, and the JW Talk website. Access to information is everything. Need to keep the ball rolling
  • life is to short
    life is to short

    I thought it was great also. How can anyone refute it is beyond me. I love how the wife hung herself and how the reporter said that about sums it up when she said "he did his time." It so reminds me of the wife's of the pedophiles in the hall I attended. One stood by her husband even though her 7 year old daughter said he had touched her and the elders supported him of course.

    It is just amazing. LITS

  • defender of truth
    defender of truth
    More exposure for the ABC news article. And this quote from the 'About Us' section gives an idea of how much exposure, potentially.
    “WND is an independent news company dedicated to uncompromising journalism...WND consistently ranks as the 'stickiest' news site on the Internet, meaning readers spent more time on it than on any other – including giants CNN, MSNBC and ESPN.WND often ranks at the top of the news pack in number of pageviews per user and minutes per page – two other important categories measured by Internet ratings agencies.
    It is a Top 500 website, according to, the search and ratings agency affiliate of, and the No. 1 independent news site.WND currently attracts nearly 5 million unique visitors a month and more than 40 million pageviews, according to its own internal monitoring software."
    WND repost of Abc article

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