What will you do when the Great Tribulation Begins?

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  • TopHat

    If you look carefully, Freemasonry (sun worshipping) has laid the foundation to begin executing their 'secret' plan to give life to the UN, it in turn substitute all currency with one, and finally substitute all religions with the Craft (or Freemasonry).

    This fulfillment clearly follows the scriptural prophecy.

    M, Where does it say the "Freemasonry" is laying down their plan to give life to the UN? Do you have a link I go to for this?

  • Malkiel


    again, Jesus described a group of events 'bundled' together that would indicate a Tribulation. You are right that events in the past might have signaled the beginning of the end, but obviously, certain specific elements were missing.

  • Malkiel


    first issue-

    Proof that Jesus selected us in 1919?

    Are you looking for the Bible to say "Jesus shall chose the Witnesses in 1919"?

  • Malkiel

    real one-

    Wasn't Peter WRONG about enforcing mosaic law onto christians after Jesus death? In fact, Paul went so far as to chastise him publicly.

    Was peter devoid of holy spirit now?

  • Malkiel

    Billy the x-

    How were you treated like crap by the organization? I'm glad you see the events unfolding now as something to be concerned with.

  • Malkiel


    I don't know how to do links (i'm a tech idiot).

    But do some extensive research on Freemasonry and your eyes will become open You will see a line traced back from Nimrod thru today, and an organization called the UN preparing to take action.

  • Seeker4


    How are you thought of by the Witnesses? You're stuff about Freemasons and them taking over the UN, etc. smacks of conspiracy nuttiness - and the few that thought like that in the JWs that I knew were considered a lunatic fringe.

    So, how does this all go down with your elders and CO?

    The fact that you're arguing these points with a bunch of apostates, to JW thinking, gives me a pretty good idea just how much of a Witness you are!

    But, please, stick around!


  • Malkiel


    i've personally NEVER read in a Watchtower or Awake or any othe book that one should quit their job NOW. Or that going to college will result in being thrown ou, etc. I've personally never done either, because i've never understood any article in such a way.

    The principle has always been to be balanced and cautious when it came to those two issues.

    As far as the proof of why now is different, i was VERY brief with some points in my original first post. If you are inclined to research it yourself, you will see that there is a very particular flow of events occurring right now in regards to the Beast acquiring authority (thru other nations), authority that the Bible states it will use to turn against religion.

  • TopHat

    I know a little about Freemansonary but does the Governing Body of the Watchtower TEACH that the Freemansons are involved with the plans for the UN?

  • Malkiel

    seeker 4-

    my closest friends are all on the same page. and they are all witnesses. This is because it reflects scripture rather than oppose it or discredit it.

    Your thought made me understand something for the first time.

    It seems that where there is an 'issue' or idea being examined, it should always align itself with the Bible. Some issues are made up however of a 'fact', and an 'interpretation'.

    I can see where an interpretation that someone might have brought up did not align with the Bible, in which case (and i agree with this 100%) such interpretation should be discarded.

    But as you can see seeker 4, I'm saying the same thing the Bible states, i'm not opposing it nor am i discreting it. If i was, then some of my fellow brothers whom i've chosen to discuss this with, would think i'm losing my mind, and rightfully so.

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