What will you do when the Great Tribulation Begins?

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  • Malkiel

    Malkiel here,

    folks, i'm not intenionally avoiding certain questions, i promise, some are really good ones but it's hard to keep up with...

    here i go, i'll try, (although based on some posters remarks, nothing i say will convince them, NOT that i'm trying to convice anyone of anything... my original question had nothing to do with convincing anyone, just wanted to hear some thoghts.)

  • Malkiel


    if i understand your response correct concerning attaining salvation,

    salvation is attained at a specific appointed time for us, if this is the case, we could very well not live to see this salvation. To say that Abel's (of Cain and Abel) life was over and done forever at the hands of his brother would be a very unfair thing. But this is where the resurrection comes into play. Abel will experience his salvation, even though he did not in his lifetime.

  • Malkiel

    joe bin-

    i'll answer this question again,

    Yes, i believe so.

    Jesus indicated that there would be disciples of his until the end of this system of things. The organization that best reflects this group are JW's.

    But the 'spirit' or essence of the 'truth' has to generate from within, this is the REAL issue. That is why one can be locked up due to loyalty, separated from everyone, and still form part of this congregation.

    Still, belonging to this organization alone obviously does not guarantee salvation.

  • Malkiel


    as far as the Tribulation , the scriptures point to a group of specific occurrences happening all at the same time, all occurring AFTER several other specific ocurrences have happended.

    Ice age etc... obviously does not meet any of this criteria.

  • AK - Jeff
    AK - Jeff
    Jesus indicated that there would be disciples of his until the end of this system of things. The organization that best reflects this group are JW's.

    Since we are talking about whether the God of the Bible will kill me if I misunderstand; Scriptural support for these two statements please!


  • Malkiel


    you asked if there was a god, would he utilize conspiracies and so forth...

    they are not conspiracies, they are wide open for all to see and examine.

    Jehovah also did not give specifics on how all these events would unravel, but when He did, they're on the money of course. I've only taken what the scriptures state and applied them to current world events. They match up for a reason. Because Bible is truth.

    The idea of atheism is a very personal thouht. But in this case, perception is not reality. Reality is what is happening around us, not just in our minds, that is because there is a person greater than just us, shaping our existence wether we agree with it or not.

  • Malkiel


    i've heard this remark before in this thread, that Jehovah is preparing to murder innocent children in Armagedon, why would he do that?


    the problem with solving this issues, is not a problem at all. It is a temporary solution, the Bible explains that clearly, one preceeding a Great Tribulation. That is why i pointed those 'solutions' out.

  • Malkiel


    your question about counting time honestly caught me off guard...

  • Eyes Open
    Eyes Open


    Just a quick note to say I respect you for still being here and continuing to post your responses in this thread you started. I think there were some comments earlier to the effect that having discussion with you is pointless as you are likely to disappear, but you should feel free to respond as you see fit, taking your time. I guess some have spent time which they naturally see as wasted with other people who never got back to them. Glad to see you're still here.

    And don't forget that book! :)

  • brinjen

    Welcome to JWD malkiel.

    I grew up as a JW, during the "when you see them cry peace and security on the news, run to your KH" phase. I remember reading several times in the watchtower how the end of this system of things would come before the year 2000. I also remember being told I would never have to worry about looking for a job as the new system would be here before I reached adult hood.

    My uncle who was also raised as a jw remembers being told he wouldn't need to find work as he would not reach adulthood in "this system of things". He's now in his early 70's.

    It doesn't matter what period of history you look at, the WTS always finds a way to make it fit. Show me something that's so different about now as opposed to then.

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