What will you do when the Great Tribulation Begins?

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  • Malkiel

    Unless one has been hardenned to the point of not caring either way, I believe Amyfan that the wickedness in this system hurts.

    Think of all the corruption, injustice, especially child abuse and animal cruelty that goes on.

    People in certain parts of the world (actually even here in the US) being macheted to pieces, wars and so forth...

    My personal life is actually pretty great, but it saddens me to know that others live in constant fear and horror thru no fault of their own. This is the wickedness and evil I'm looking foward to not hearing about or seeing on the news.

  • mrsjones5
    child abuse

    Yeah like the child abuse that goes on in the organization...there is no way I would ever go back to the org. knowing that I would never be told if there was a pedophile (active or not, convicted or not) in good standing and actively going door to door thereby putting my four children in danger...no way in hell

  • Amyfa

    You said

    "but it saddens me to know that others live in constant fear and horror thru no fault of their own. This is the wickedness and evil I'm looking foward to not hearing about or seeing on the news."

    The only thing that wrong with what you are saying is yes you want to see an end to it, but if they are not JW's then they will be destroyed anyway. As that is what you all believe. So again it will just be you that is happy not the ones in fear or what ever.

  • Malkiel


    what do you think will happen to you personally?

  • Amyfa

    I am going to heaven. What it's going to be like when I get there I have no idea.

    I believe your own personal world will come to an end when you die.

    Maybe there will be a big A or maybe there wont.
    I am not scared to die I have come close to death a few times in my short life so far.

    You have to live every day as if its your last day, but plan to live forever.

  • Anti-Christ

    Malkiel, I know this is going to sound insulting but I don't know how else I can say this, you are under mind control, you speak in certainties with out any proof. You sound like a parrot, you are just repeating what you are program to repeat, all of what you know of the bible seems to come from one source, the WT. How can you be sure of what you know if you have not verified elsewhere?

    One more question, do you really believe that all people that do not accept JW teaching will die at armageddon?

  • free2beme
    Right now folks, A LOT is happening in the political world.

    Same arguement, different decade. Am I right here people? I know I am. Oh, if it really did happen. Can anyone say, "Kegger, my place! Your all invited!"

  • sacolton

    Malkiel -

    How do you describe a false prophet?

  • TD


    I don't recognize these names you listed.

    I know, and I wasn't trying to be mean. I think the fact that people have difficulty comparing present day crises with those that previous generations faced is what keeps apocalyptic sects going. New converts come in the front door as fast as disillusioned ones go out the back

    The fact that one's expectancy did not come to fruition when one hoped is not deception.

    I think you're temporizing. It would depend on whether those expectations were the product of your own reasoning or whether a third party was responsible for them. Even when those expectations are entirely your own, delusion is arguably a form of self deception.

    To use an example from JW history, when the Children book was released in 1942, it was distributed to all the children in the audience. (Even though it was not written for children) The audience was told to make good use of it "In the remaining months before Armageddon." (This quote was reproduced in The Watchtower for all posterity to read...)

    Considering the fact that those children are now in their late 70's and early 80's, if they are alive at all, I would say that any who took the speaker's words to heart were decieved. How else could we characterize an assurance made by an authority figure that something would happen when in fact it did not? Isn't misrepresentation of the facts to another person the basic meaning of deception?

    Another example involves the "great crowd" In 1935, at a convention in Washington DC, a large part of the audience, the "Jonadabs" were asked to stand up. J.F. Rutherford said clearly and unambiguously, "Behold, the great multitude."

    These people were susequently taught through JW literature that they had the prospect of living through Armageddon without ever having to die. Remember that this was 73 years ago and these people were adults at the time. Most of them are dead today. Since you cannot possibly have the prospect of surviving an event that falls outside the boundaries of a human lifespan, I would say that they were decieved. Maybe not intentionally, but one's motives in giving people false information does not change the fact that it was done.

    I think you miss the point, TD, the point being that ANYONE, including myself, desiring to see the end shortly wants it that way because it is such a significant event. It is the beginning of the end for Satan once and for all, and so the end for all that is wicked.

    I'm not sure if this is what you mean, but I understand that Christians would live in expectation of the end. I think the JW's go well beyond this and consequently carry a considerable burden by actually attempting to calculate a time frame for the end.

    Anyone expecting the end to arrive shortly is ready for the changes promised in the Bible. And it would be naive to think that there are those in the truth who seriously hope they die FIRST before that Tribulation begins. Everyone, including Abraham, would have loved to live to see Jehovah's fullfillment of this prophecy.

    Again, it's one thing to live your life as if the end is right around the corner. That's what Chrstians are supposed to do. It's quite another to go out and knock on your neighbor's doors and try to convince them that it definitely is right around the corner. We're at a point where multiple generations of JW's have done just that.

    If it did not happen in my lifetime, it does not mean i've been decieved.

    The possibility that it might not even happen in your lifetime is intriguing to me. Christians don't serve God specifically for a reward, but salvation is still an intrinsic part of Christianity. After all, if there's no salvation, why bother?

    As I'm sure you know, JW's base their salvific model almost entirely on Revelation 7 and the two groups it describes. In JW theology, 144,000 go to heaven to rule as kings and priests, and a great crowd survive the great tribulation to live forever on the earth. If you're not anointed then you're not a member of the first group. And if the end does not occur in your lifetime, then you're not a member of the second group either, becasue the great crowd survive the great tribulation.

    You wouldn't experience either of the two salvations the JW's believe are described in Revelation 7. You would become a member of a fuzzy ill-defined third group of Christians that are basically the same as those that lived before Christ. --A second group of "other sheep." You'd have the hope of resurrection, but then so does everyone else who dies before Armageddon, JW or not.

    Imagine for example if the earthly hope had always existed since the first century. What point would there be in Christians suffering gruesome deaths in the arena if instead of being rewarded with the crown of heavenly life, they simply get resurrected to a celibate life on earth, just like everyone else including those who were not faithful?

    Since the hope of surviving Armageddon without having to die and being able to raise a family in paradise figures so prominently in JW literature, I have a hard time seing how the growing number of people that fall into this category (i.e. non-anointed who die before Armageddon) were not at least partially deceived.

  • Malkiel


    Many of you have said it, that the internet is full of information to study and learn, for our eyes to be opened.

    Then research this as proof of the Great Tribulation closing in-

    topic-A united world religion brought about by the UN.

    You can even go to the UN.org website and confirm this. There is proof from many other sources as well.

    Everyone can agree that the UN has no teeth now. But as I stated earlier in a comment, Gordon Brown is currently as in right now stumping for the Beast to acquire its teeth. When the US joins the rally, that will be a sign to us that the Beast is being 'breathed life into'.

    Look around, the economy is in shambles with no real solution in sight. (Bush is throwing a little money at us in the form of refund checks so that we may cotinue getting distracted from the real issues)

    Do you think this is a mere coincidence? Many economists are prediciting a world recession if we are already not in one (Bear Stearns sold for 232 million??!!). Look at the big picture. If the economy doesn't fix itself, then who will bail it out?

    Gordon Brown already answered that question last thursday, the UN.

    Remember Satan's 3 pillars of power in his current system, politics, economy, and false religion. He'll have unified the political world under one power, the UN. This in turn will unifiy and streamline the economy under one currency (Brown even said that the the Un can achieve this thru the World Bank).

    Once this is achieved, the Beast goes after its next goal, which is unifying religion. To do that it has to remove other religions. Sound familiar? At some point after this is achieved, the present system of things will look like a great place to live in after all. Man will declare peace and security, again the UN's ultimate goal, and Great Tribulation begins.

    Remember, go back to Nimrod. He became Jehovah's sworn enemy on Earth, and he instituted the very plan to carry out a unified front against Jehovah. His plan did not die out with him. Its no coincidence that Babylon is the home of all that is symbolically in opposition to Jehovah. That plan has been carried openly since Nimrod's day up until when Britain became a world power.

    Since then it has been veiled in the form of Freemasonry. But the symbolism is still there, under our very own noses. Ezekiel sees in a vision the rituals of Freemasonry, which is really sun worshipping. Of course sun worshipping is just another form of worshipping Satan. This sun worshipping existed since Nimrod, right thru the Sumerians,Egyptians, Assyrians, Greeks, Romans and now, thru Freemasonry, the Anglo-American world power.

    Now the people in the 'know', powerful people no less(members of Freemasonry), seem to be putting final touches and making last decisions to finally bring Nimrod's plan to fruition, which is creating a unified front, the Beast (or the UN, the New World Order, etc. ), that will confront Jehovah at Armagedon.

    Kofi Annan was dismayed that the US-Britain coalition went to war agains Iraq without his consent as secretary general of the UN. But the rest of the world took notice. They are eager to make the UN 'relevant' again.

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