WHAT if we're wrong?

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  • OnTheWayOut

    I'm totally honest with my children.

    Then they are already winners.

    So these terrible black moods I get... i then mask to unconsiousness with drink, and i cant go on like this any more. I want it to stop, but I'm scared that all my life will be filled with my fight against the drink, that all anyone can see is 'alcoholic' tattoo'd accross my forhead, and thats all my children can see.

    I cannot promise that your life won't have some battling with the drink. I drank a few times since leaving JW's.
    Don't drink today, or at least don't drink anymore today if you already did. Don't think about an entire life
    fighting an urge. Fight it now. We will deal with tomorrow after today, we will deal with next week after this week.

    Trying to go back to the false religion to normalize your life will cause you anguish and possibly drinking.
    Trying to justify not being totally honest to your kids when you teach them the religion will definitely cause you
    a battle in your heart and maybe in your liver.

    Get help. Seek out those that are able to help here, and elsewhere. Find the local A.A. and see what kind of
    different meetings and times they have for help.

    Power to you.

  • mouthy

    Shell (((HUGS)) I read all the posts now ...I am the GRANNY on board. Most on here put up wiith me because I am old... I have had a request & I am going to answer that request.... It is as I like to do . So forgive me if you are NOT a believer but put up with me just because I believe it ((((HUGS)))
    " Dear Heavenly Father , Creator of the heaven & earth, we have a new little one on here that has been hurt first by the Watchtower & secondly by the flesh,,,You KNOW us ALL LORD that we ALL have weaknesses , Shells is the Alcohol. You have told us you would never leave us , even with our weaknesses ,but you also told us that if we take our problems to you & we WANT to have help you will give the help, I am asking for Shell Lord PLEASE be with her , she loves her children, but she knows this is harmful for them, Guide her Lord maybe to AA.. Or to a counsellor or some one in your body to be with her ,guide ,lead, & direct her . She needs it in the worst way, She is going through suicidel thoughts. as MANY of us did!!!! But when we thought independently, & realised we have to take our lives in our hands ,you said we were FREE to do as we want... But even though we do wrong sometimes ,& you allow it, You giude us for our own health .....So I ask & Beg for little shell. In the name above ALL others JESUS CHRIST AMEN!!!!!!!!!""""
    For those who dont believe I am sorry to offend. But I want all believers on here to say AMEN(((( two on earth agreeing & the Lords will be done))))SHELL>>>>>

  • SnakesInTheTower


    Ya! We are Wrong and the pope will soon become a member of the GB

    that would be appropriate I think...then they could merge class action suits in the pedophile business.... The Vatican, The Watchtower Society, et al v. The World, Pedophile Victims, et al.

    Just think..the great minds at Patterson Legal linked up with the great minds esconced in Rome....

    Snakes ()

  • BFD

    Mouthy, that was a beautiful, thoughtful prayer. I read it outloud.

    Be good to youself, Shell.


  • AuldSoul


    ps...I have been in very deep dark places I never want to see again.......one time while there I tried to harm myself in the extreme, and it caused my family even more pains and problems. If ever you reach that black hole, put yourself in someones hands somehow....they will think much more clearly than you. Sometimes it may seem like others would be better off without us, but that is only because of where our head is at that very moment........weeks and months can sure change things.

    I remember very clearly when I didn't believe that was possible. I remember clearly when you didn't, too. I'm glad you got help, oompa. The world is a better place with you in it.

    (((shell69))), the same is true of you. Life is a constant struggle as long as we are out of synch with our true selves, usually due to fear, pain, or anxiety, either present, or remembered, or anticipated. We can't shine out our best qualities in that state and desperation over our plight drives us to stupid methods of deadening or dampening the fear and anxiety. These methods seem reasonable at the time, or at least they don't seem unreasonable, but if we aren't in our right mind when we decide what is and is not reasonable, our decision will often be wrong.

    During moments of lucidity we will see the results of our methods in their worst effects on our life and will add that to our fears, pains, and anxieties, which lead to stupid methods, which lead to . . . and so on, ad infinitum.

    Or, during moments of lucidity we will see the results of our methods in their worst effects on our life and will make one of the toughest, most realistic decisions a human can ever make in his or her life: We can decide that we cannot do this alone; we can decide we need help, encourgement, and possibly medications to break that cycle once and for all . . . out of love for those we affect with our poorly chosen methods of coping with the stresses of life.

    The hardest step is the first one: Get help. Professional help. This advice is coming from someone who committed himself to a State Mental Health Clinic for two weeks and received a clean bill of mental health within eight months.


  • Quandry

    Hugs to you. We all feel down from time to time.

    I have a mother but she is in a nursing home and barely knows what is going on-on a good day. But she is still my mother and I don't feel that I would be better off without her.

    I work in a school with small children. I see some who do not have a mother. It is heartbreaking. NO ONE is better off without their mother unless they are truly abusive. Some of these children are so starved for affection and hugs. Someone to tell them that they matter, and are loved. YOU are the one who fills that need for your children. YOU are important.

    Your children love you. They love you despite faults.

    Love means never giving up. Never give up on yourself or your family. Fight for all you hold dear.

  • real one
    real one

    beating alcohol is just like winning against our enemies. if you have Christ, he can help you win any battle, seek help from professionals. your children deserve a clear thinking mom at all times. they really need you

  • LouBelle

    Shell I've read your other posts - please - you've got to want to help yourself too. We are here supporting you!

  • jamiebowers

    Shell, please get help for your depression and the drinking that is the result of it. Do not let the WTB&TS take you away from your kids the way your mother was taken from you. Good luck and God bless!

  • Sirona


    I enjoyed your post, lots of info!

    One thing though....I thought the JWs recently made voting a conscience matter?


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