WHAT if we're wrong?

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  • shell69

    I mean, i know I'm bitter.

    Normally these days quite strong, not feeling so much so much the last few days though.

    What I'd give to do the things I was used to. Going doing the weekly shop with my mum, her popping round for a brew in the morning.

    A hug from her, just to to know from the way she communicated with me, that she loved me. I miss her so much.

    And what if I'm wrong?

    that I may feel I've set my children free from the religion, but I've condemmmed them to death. god I feel so low, lower than for along time.


  • nelly136

    i wondered that when i left, any sniff of war or natural disaster used to give me nightmares especially after the birth of my first littlun.

    she's 20 now. i should never have left school let alone had a grown up child.

    the nightmares have long since faded, my second littlun is 13, it truly does get easier with time.

    think most of us probably go through a period of second guessing ourselves, hope it passes for you soon

  • Awakened07

    If we are wrong (and the WTBTS are right), Jehovah will soon eradicate 99,9% of the world's population, men, women, children and elderly, and a great deal who have never even heard of Jehovah. And he'll be justified in doing so, and the survivors' memories of this world will be wiped.

    If we are wrong, mankind is only 6000 years old, and there was a global flood ~4000 years ago with no (real) physical evidence left behind. If we are wrong, there's no such thing as evolution.

    If we are wrong, "all scriptures are inspired"; in other words, the entire Bible is inspired, which is curious, as at the time that verse was written, the 'holy texts' used and considered inspired were different from the ones comprising the Bible today.

    If we are wrong, Jehovah dispenses 'new light' (or new understanding) to his only chosen channel in this special time in mankind's history, in a way that it first is right, then is wrong so he retracts it, then embellishes, then retracts, then comes up with a totally new understanding, then goes back to a previous one... etc. etc.

    I'm sure I could go on and on.

    -But I understand the feelings you have. I think it sneaks up on us all from time to time, although it gets better with time.

  • chickpea

    even if we are wrong, remember that the b0rg is not right!!

    looking at the amassing sins of omission and commission laid at their doorstep, there is no way anyone who can have a rational and lucid thought can believe that this entitiy is a conduit for a righteous god......

    any fate that befalls the earth for good or ill will befall all humanity.... there is no select or favoured segment, except in their own minds

  • nomoreguilt

    Ya! We are Wrong and the pope will soon become a member of the GB.


  • potleg

    Condemning your kids to death..ouch, for what? Not going to Joe Hoovers misery fests 25 times a week (hey if they can be dramatic and tell porky pies so can I)

    Listen, If JW's were right paradise would have been here a long time ago. All they can respond with is "yes, but" blah blah new light Blah blah worst times blah blah yada yada

    Translation: we don't know what the hell we're talking about, but we'll put the fear of god in 'em so they dont scarper.

    Not me, I think I'll wander down to the hole...I mean Hall and offer up my but in reply.

  • jstalin

    What if you're wrong about not believing in Zeus?

  • Peppermint

    I may be wrong in what I now believe, but I have made my choices with honest and good intentions. If God chooses to punish me for that, so be it. If I have to fathom riddles and jump through hoops to to be one of the select prizewinners - you can keep it.

  • Casper

    Shell....... (((Hugs)))

    I too felt the same way... and still today after 10 years it hits me now and then. But, while I was in, my heart just wasn't in it, so what was the point ?

    I was doomed if I stayed and doomed if I left... So, I chose "Freedom".

    My adult daughters have told me since leaving, that they only stayed for me. So that helps.

    I hope at some point you find peace.



  • Liberty

    If ex-JW Apostates are wrong then the Universe is a very sick and twisted place. Jehovah is a complete wacko, inconsistant, illogical, and a demading egotist. Such a being would not be capable of creating a Universe. The Watch Tower salvation plan is complete nonsense when looked at calmly and reasonably and couldn't possibly be true for all the reasons enumerated here by the other posters. Never let guilt cloud your reason. Why would God destroy billions of people who never had a chance to hear the Watch Tower message even if it was "real"? The whole concept falls like a house of cards if even the most simple concept of fairness is applied. How can anyone be executed by God just because his government didn't allow him to even hear his choices?

    Why would a just God give false warning after false warning until people stop listening (the cry wolf-problem). If the Watch Tower Society was really God's channel why do they always get it wrong? They have never predicted ONE correct thing ever in their entire history. Why would God choose such a flawed organization?

    Use your reasoning to see the lie behind the Watch Tower. The facts just don't add up to, and if the system doesn't make any sense then our salvation or destruction would be completely random and beyond our control anyway.

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