WHAT if we're wrong?

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  • shell69

    Thank you all.

    4 all of you. I just don't feel strong at the moment.

    I feel a dreadful black darkness. I feel my husband and children would be better off without me, my mood swings, and depressions.

    It's not that easy to snap out of.

  • Maddie

    Hi shell Its just human to question ourselves, even when we are quite sure of the facts about things. In your heart you know that the WT are a mind control cult so sleep on it and these feelings will pass. It is so very hard when we are estranged from our family and sometimes I wish with all my heart that the WT were the "real thing", just so as I wouldn't have these problems. You have been true to yourself and that is something to respect yourself for honey.


  • shell69

    I love my kids

  • AuldSoul
    shell69: I feel my husband and children would be better off without me, my mood swings, and depressions.

    That's a lie that is sometimes far to easy to believe, and act on. Please take some advice from one who walked to that edge and is now living a completely different life than he could ever have imagined, just a couple of years later. Get help. Serious help. No one can fix you except yourself, but there are people who can help you see a little more clearly how to do that.

    shell69: I love my kids

    That is more rare and precious than you would ever imagine. I work with many kids whose natural parents didn't love them.

    If you really love your kids, then they definitely are not better off without you.


  • lancelink

    Live for today,
    don't worry about the past,
    and certainly don't give yourself an ulcer about the future.

  • shell69


    got a really bad feeling about the future. very near future


  • Alpaca


    It will pass. You just have to give it some time.

    I doubt that anyone on JWD who left the Borg, hasn't had similar feelings. I know I did.

    Please have confidence that the feelings will pass.

    My Dad who was a WWII Navy salvage diver and did more death-defying living, than most people would do in 3 lifetimes, had a great saying:

    No matter how bad things are, they always come to an end -- all things, good or bad, come to an end.

    This downer that you are in right now WILL pass.

    Hang in there kiddo,


  • Currientology

    Shell... I don't know how to respond other than this... I've found myself thinking and feeling the same way as you many times (I believe I am an undiagnosed depression suffering person (It runs in the family)). Over time, I've come accept that no matter what I may think... My wife and child are much better off with me here... rather than my being “gone” by whatever means. My not being here would be a hardship for them. Their reality (probably reality itself) is somewhat different than the “filter” of depression through which reality reaches me. I've also learned that the future is in large part... What you, or I make of it. Sure, there are many things outside of our control. But, we do have much more power to effect our future and the future of others in a positive way than we view ourselves as having. In many ways... We become that which we think. Knowing this, I work to keep my thoughts on the positive side (easier said than done). I have good days and bad. Tomorrow will be another... A new day. One I can make better for myself, and those around me.

  • Hortensia

    what you are all saying is very true. Children NEED their mothers, even a not-so-good mother is better than no mother. So Shell, I hope you feel better soon, and never forget your children need you. I'm not saying you are not a good mother, by the way, just saying your kids need you and always will.

  • real one
    real one

    im really sorry about your relationship with your mom. does it even soung logical that she would not want to speak to you because you dont believe the same as she. are you going around acting like the Devil himself, or are you a normal person trying to express her free will? Jesus will be the judge as to the right and wrong of the wts. we cant make that call. we may see that it does not suit our needs, those that have left. I dont like being lied to but if you talk to them they think they have the truth. all i can suggest to you is that if you still believe in God to make a commitment to him. Give your life to Christ. Allow him to be your Lord and Savior.

    There is a hell and I dont think you want to go there. I hope no one in their right mind on this board wants to go to hell, though some say they dont care. Who wants to be tortured forever and ever? This is a good place to ask WHAT if were wrong about hell? that should be a chance no one would want to take Pray to him and he will help you find your way. If you read the Bible, not the nwt get another translation pray for him to help you to understand it.

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