Raised jw . Have just Da's last week ( Feb 07). this org has some really nice people in it. HOWEVER. The liars are BAD liars! Wrecking lives,wrecking a persons confidence, self believe, and even what I believe to be my broken heart/ soul (what ever you want to think of it as). I have no purpose in life. My very purpose of life has been to be JW. Yet the disalusionment is destroying me. I cannot win. My Mum ( I love her so ) will not speak to me. I have a husband and children I love so much. I have a career I love. In fact the 'Career was the begining of the end'. I was no longer under their control. I controlled my own destiny then, making a career out of my own life and intelligence instead of being a complete 'lemming' to these idiot men who want nothing other to control thier flock, and keep their cong in the top 300! Where was their love when I was distraught... and I mean distraught at the contradictions I saw in the org? ****ing no where. Boy am I mad that I've wasted so much of my life! I need a friend who understands . Please.