Who thinks Cannabis/Marihuana should be legalised?

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  • greendawn

    If it's not more harmful than let's say cigarettes then it should be legalised. Most youngsters smoke it and think of it as being another type of cigarette. I never used it and never will because I know it is harmful to some extend and don't want to rely on substances for feeling high.

  • Cheetos

    You got that right Jagaurbass, its big bussiness to sell alcohol, and a lot of religions do own controling stock in it, I am surprised the J-dubs don't own "Sunny Brook Wiskey or some cheaap crap like that.

  • bigwilly

    I gotta quit posting on this thread, people are gonna think I'm a

    Pot Head T-Shirt

  • Cheetos

    I have noticed that most people on this thread have not smoked a Doobie, if its good weed and your some where that you can relaxed and not be stressed out like in the mountains next to a big old pine tree with a brook next to it with your camp fire listening to your favorite music or no music at all, and having some real earthy good friends will help too, let me tell you under such surroundings you can go on a real good vision quest and figger out all there is to know about everything. So, at least try it before you put it down, its like someone saying they don't like sex if they have never tried it if its going to be good. I had to laugh laugh, once me and my wife had a Doobie and were watching the old Star Trek, wow that was a diferent kind of Trek, Mr. Spoke was almost like God, it was the one called "the trouble with Tribbles.

  • Cheetos

    Big Willy, you must toking on one now and your feeling paranoid.

    Just get out your munchie food, I like Cheetos myself as you can tell


  • undercover

    I grew up never smoking weed. I grew up a JW. Coincidence? I think not.

    But since I've been out, I have on occassion, partaken when a joint or bowl got passed around. Most of the people that I have met that smoke marijuana on a regular basis are no more junkies than I am. They have families, careers, homes, responsibilities.

    I am all for legalizing it and controlling it similar to how alchohol is controlled. Will there be stoners? Sure, just as there are alchoholics. But the rest of us who want to enjoy it can do so legally and out in the open.

    Some said earlier, legalize it, control it and it becomes a non-issue.

  • lfcviking

    Its interesting that most of you are in favour of its decriminalisation/legalisation and claiming that its relatively harmless when there are growing reports of this substance having adverse affects on its users. Where i used to live (England) reports of people (that were regular users of this drug) developing psychological disorders were becoming more and more common. You would hear of long term users suffering from 'Psychosis', 'Paranoia', 'Nearvous Anxiety' etc etc. Also as of fairly recently the very strong 'Skunk' form of the drug has become more easily available, so surely there has to be a connection here?

    Do you think its really that harmless?



    I have fibromyalgia and have tried a lot of different prescription drugs( none worked) to help relieve the pain that I am in pretty much 24/7.

    There was a period of time before I sought reinstatement 6 years ago that I smoked pot several times a week . It relaxed my muscles enough that I was able to do stretching exercises that really helped my pain.

    I often wish that it was legal, at least for medicinal use, because it is the only thing that has helped, besides swimming.

  • bigwilly

    Nah Cheetos, not paranoid just a pothead who's stuck at work for another 4 hours

  • Sad emo
    Sad emo

    lfc - I have some interest in the link with psychological disorders but haven't time to look more in-depth.

    I really wonder whether those psychological problems are already present and are 'merely' made more apparent by using the drugs - a bit like alcohol abuse, your 'true colours' begin to show. I do believe we have a very sick, disaffected, angry society in the UK - is it just more easily expressed when using drugs/alcohol? Is this what we're seeing in our town/city centres every Friday and Saturday night?

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