Who thinks Cannabis/Marihuana should be legalised?

by lfcviking 137 Replies latest jw friends

  • JK666

    Heck yes - then tax it as much as my cigarettes! JK

  • sweetface2233

    My doctor knows that I do it. She said, of course not to but, that she would rather me smoke weed than tobacco. Hell yeah...legalize it! I'd gladly pay a heavy tax to be able to toke up while sitting on a park bench or by a nice lake on a cool summer or autumn night.


  • oldflame

    It already is in California and several other states. So why not legalize it everywhere ?

  • sweetface2233
    figger out all there is to know about everything

    Dude!!! When I am high, I feel like I am the next Plato. I get so philisophical and start belting out, what I think at the time, is the next Socratic Method. When I sober up, I look back and it's just funny as shit!

  • Cheetos

    Ah I Cee, Got to keep the Doobie's rolled 666.

    One time I got my cat high he came and was setting real close to me, so I thought he wants to have a drag, so I got his head and slowly blew some smoke in his nose and we have been the best of friends ever after.

  • bigwilly
    It already is in California and several other states.

    Oldflame, that's not entirely true. California is much like Oregon in that it has been decriminalized and they have established medical programs with it. But it is still technically illegal and you can still earn jail time owning, buying or selling it.

  • lfcviking

    Hello Sad Emo, well...

    I really wonder whether those psychological problems are already present and are 'merely' made more apparent by using the drugs

    Interesting point, i suppose theres no way of knowing the truth to this at the moment as medical research of this substance is still in its early stages.

    I do believe we have a very sick, disaffected, angry society in the UK

    Yes and it just seems to be getting worse.

    Is this what we're seeing in our town/city centres every Friday and Saturday night?

    Not up here in Stavanger, its very civilised up here, tehehehehehehe

    (sorry i don't mean to be selfish).

  • undercover
    Its interesting that most of you are in favour of its decriminalisation/legalisation and claiming that its relatively harmless when there are growing reports of this substance having adverse affects on its users. Where i used to live (England) reports of people (that were regular users of this drug) developing psychological disorders were becoming more and more common. You would hear of long term users suffering from 'Psychosis', 'Paranoia', 'Nearvous Anxiety' etc etc. Also as of fairly recently the very strong 'Skunk' form of the drug has become more easily available, so surely there has to be a connection here?

    There are growing reports of the ill effects of tobacco and alcohol as well. Let's outlaw them while we're at it...oh wait...prohibition of alcohol was tried. It failed.

    Abuse of any substance is bad for you, whether it's marijuana, tobacco, alcohol or twinkies. But moderation of any habit, or vice, can be enjoyed without the consequences that you hear about from alarmist media accounts.

    I'm sure stoners are full of all types of "isms" because of the abuse. But for many people, taking a toke is the same as drinking a glass of wine.

    Since it's impossible to stamp out the plant or the drug, legalize it and control it. It allows responsible people to not be "criminals". Stoners? well they're gonna be stoners one way or the other anyway.

  • Sad emo
    Sad emo

    It's bad here innit? They reckon there will soon be more Brits trying to leave than immigrants coming in

    Enjoy the rest of your time there - you'll have it all to come back to soon enough!!

  • Cheetos

    Yes I find most people have these conditions anyway to some degree, if you read the dangers on most drugs the doctors give you for the conditions you mention the cure can be worse than disease, besides the cost of these new medicines is outrageous compared to a lid of weed. I have worked right along side of men doing very hard labor and it did not alter their stride any, it just kept them happy.

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