Who thinks Cannabis/Marihuana should be legalised?

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  • BrentR

    A 24-7 buffet would decrease the risk of canibalism somewhat.

  • avengers
    Party in my cabin!!!!!

    That means you have to bring some with you on the cruise. If anybody (like a narc) is monitoring this site then they will apprehend you as you walk aboard which is unlikely but yet possible.

    Just wanna say be careful of what you say here. You never know who is "listening".

    btw I'd like to clear something up. As far as I know pot is illegal in every country.

    Countries like Holland it is condoned under under strict regulations, but still illegal.

    If you wanna know how it works look here.



  • Abaddon

    John Doe

    I tried pot once a long time ago, and it did absolutely nothing for me. I honestly don't understand the fascination.

    Ah, you should run for President.

    Our bad, we must be imaginging things, or... maybe u weren't doin it rite?

    This is the same guy that scared the crap out of me by sticking a shot gun in his mouth and acted like he was going to pull the trigger--not fond memories.

    Strange choice of someone to initiate you in smoking pot; decent drug educatioon would inform you that you should try drugs for the first time in the presense of someone you trust who is experienced in using the drug and who will keep an eye on you.

    I did that when I was 17, and you know what, I've felt incredibly guilty for it ever since.

    What a waste of effort! How many babies did you eat when you smoked pot? What universes did you destroy? Rob any banks? Nah, you inhaled burning leaves; you are obviously a low person of no worth.

    I hope you can apprteciate I am teasing you gently; you have no reason to feel guilty for pot.

    The main thing I've seen is that stoners don't seem to have motivation and are lethargic acting. That might be ok for some stations in life, but it certainly isn't desirable for most of them.

    Alcoholics and stoners have problems. I run the accounts of my companies two largest clients and am responsible for $5m of business a year. I know you are not saying that all pot smokers are stoners. Problem is much of drug education misinforms and seeks to scare with hyperbole. Then the good stuff that gets taught gets rejected when people find out that much of the hyperbole in drug education is just that - hyperbole - and that most pot smokers have steady jobs or good grades. They tend to then regard the good stuff in drug education as being as accurate as the hyperbole - I did research on this at Uni'.


    We all must use common sense in a world where grass IS illegal regardless of how we personally feel about it.

    Okay, so where does the American love of freedom come in? All of a sudden you are kow-towing to an oppresive, unneccesary, damaging law. Why do American's stand up against seat-belt, drunk-driver check-points and motorcycle helmets (at least in some states) and passively accept dumb laws (not that the examples I've given are dumb laws, thus an even greater contrast) in others

    I suppose back in the day it was okay that homosexuals had to "use common sense in a world where" homosexuality WAS "illegal regardless of how" they "personally" felt "about it". Or was it wrong that a stupid oppresive, unneccesary, damaging law was in place?


    That's to say little or no crime is ever committed by people under the influence of alcohol?


    No one said that. In fact a drunk person is a greater risk to soceity than a stoned one as many drunk people become violently aggressive.

    What you are misrepresenting is that very few people rob houses or mug people to finance alcoholism, as the risk of breaking the law is too great compared to the low cost of getting drunk.

    Illegal drugs are artifcially expensive, and thus make the risk of crime to finance a habit worthwhile to those who are suffering addiction. If it took a few dollars a day to feed ones habit even the worst junkie would be unlikely to commit crime to feed their habit.

    Here's a photo of my new toy for all you smokers stuck in the stoned age;


    Yes, it is silly to sit there sucking out of a balloon, but the quality of the high is like nothing else, no 'baccy, clean taste, much reduced tar and carcinogen level.

  • bbdodger


    Yes, it is silly to sit there sucking out of a balloon, but the quality of the high is like nothing else, no 'baccy, clean taste, much reduced tar and carcinogen level.

    I get it now!!! You're a pot smoker. That explains so much! I forgive you for anything else you might have said in other threads that we have participated in.

    Oh and That Volcano device, dude... that's just gross.


  • Gretchen956

    That Volcano thing is called a Vapormed for good reason. I know of at least two people who use marijuana for medical reasons and use this device. The marijuana is administered in a far more safe fashion, enabling them to get the benefits while minimizing any risk factors there may be. As mentioned before in earlier posts, marijuana gives relief for some medical conditions where nothing else does.


  • ellderwho


    Never held any sort of addiction on me. I'm perfectly happy dropping it for 6 months or whatever. Rarely think about it.

    Yeah, a friend of mine would have a bag for six months, and pinch here and there, I would be amazed. I always wondered why cant I use it like that? Not only the savings but I wouldn't have walked around stoned all day.

    Not me I'd have to smoke everything in sight. Be stoned everywhere I went.

    I enjoy cigars now. Having traded one carcinogen for another.

  • Abaddon


    I don't know what you were trying to prove with your little outburst(s), but I don't think you proved what you think you did.

    Don't worry, I'll try to keep it simple next time I'm dumb/stoned enough to reply to you so you don't have to use spurious and fallacious excuses for your inability to defend your political views from criticism.

    Oh and That Volcano device, dude... that's just gross.

    I know I will probably get some sorry ass response if any - maybe you not replying this time will be because I ate your homework, or something else fallacious that absolves you of personal responsibility for your opinions - but how can that be 'gross'?

    It's cleaner, healthier, more efficient.

    Maybe personal dislike is clouding your intellect? Facts don't matter and getting your boot in does?

    My my, maybe you can guest for Rush when he's on holiday...

  • WTWizard

    I think drugs should in fact be legalized, as bad as they are for one's health. When you take drugs, you are creating one problem for your body--they ruin your brain and your liver. But, when you add criminal penalties, you create another problem--the guns, violence, and the risk-of-getting-caught premium that makes them so expensive and hence profitable. And that gives pushers some financial incentive to push them.

    Legalizing drugs would remove this premium. If there is enough competition, the price is going to drop, and it becomes less profitable to push drugs. Current addicts get their fixes cheaper without having to commit as many acts of theft and robberies; without pushers, there will be fewer new addicts. And that would reduce the problem as profit margins dwindle.

    Instead of making drug crimes, they should concentrate on the real cost/benefit of using drugs. The opportunity cost includes the money you pay for the drugs, the damage it does to your health, and the experiences of reality you are depriving yourself of while you are high. If the regulators would get the fxxx out of the teachers' business and let them teach fully integrated thinking, children would be too busy learning to do drugs, and the opportunity cost would skyrocket without the money cost going up. And, if they are aware that the benefits are all fake, they are less likely to want to do drugs. Those who use weed for medicinal uses could use weed for that purpose without any problems, while the recreational drug users would become recreational learners and eventually recreational value creators. Streets would be safer, and there wouldn't be any drug use for recreational use. Stores that sell drugs would merely see their stock supplies go out of date without selling any. Problem solved.

  • sweetface2233
    That means you have to bring some with you on the cruise.

    Not if we stop in a Jamaican port, baby!

  • brinjen

    I believe it should be legalised...

    Personally, I see no evidence of physical addiction. I smoke on and off... I'l go through periods where I'll smoke it daily, then not touch it for months with no withdrawals.

    I've also found it to be quite helpful when recovering from the flu, I seem to recover that little bit faster.

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