Who thinks Cannabis/Marihuana should be legalised?

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  • bigwilly

    It tells me why BC bud is so easy to come by

  • AK - Jeff
    AK - Jeff

    BigWilly -

    If your age is correct, my experience predates yours by some. I recall when my brother was a big time dealer of the substance, and he and his cronies did plenty of lifting for the stuff when they weren't in the money. His jail time was due to stealing to buy it, and selling it too.

    I agree that the Methheads are worse by far due to the addictive nature of the drug. But in this area, meth has only been an issue for a few years. I have known of many a kid who spent a couple years behind bars due to mj. I grew up in the 60's and it was not an uncommon problem then.

    Could be too - that some of the potheads I have known of were also afraid of work, and turned to stealing. I certainly don't believe that theft is a large issue with pot. I just have seen some crime over time due to it. Your point is well taken.


  • heathen

    true you can make your own by distilling but it's very dangerous to do and people actually do die from it . If you brew beer you have to buy hops and barley and all that stuff , it's expensive , not just like planting some seed and watering it making sure it gets some sun . I think hemp should be legal and used in it's many beneficial ways.

  • jaguarbass

    I think Marijuna should be legalized.

    I think the major force against it is Budweiser, Seagrams and organized religion. None of them want competition for the consumers entertainment dollar.

    I dont think coke should be legal

    Clinton pot head= peace prosperity

    Dingbat Coke head= war, budget deficit, kaos

  • bigwilly

    AK - Jeff

    Your points are also well recieved. I defer to your age and wisdom My observations were based on my own fairly deep immersion in drug culture in my early 20's. You are correct that there is some crime associated with mj and I definitely didn't intend to imply otherwise.


    Mooshine and homebrew are two entirely different subjects. There are safe ways to distill one's own alcohol but most people throw something together without accurate knowledge of the process. As far as hops and barley for beer, they are not outrageous and I can brew some fantastic beer for much less than I can buy it at the store (unless you drink budmillcoors). And growing mj isn't as simple as throwing a seed in the ground, at least not if you want decent smoke

  • Cheetos

    Yes by all means it should be legalized for personal and medical use. Alcohol is nasty compared to weed, I personally don't like cookies made with weed because of how they hit me but some people like it that way, I can control the hit better with a drag easyer and test it out to see just how strong it will be for further use, one Dobbie will help me for about three days with mmy medical condition.

    If it was legalized than possibly quality control could be instituted so that their would not be stems and seeds in it or some mallet head dusting it with some crap which which all makes for a bad Doobie. There would not be liver disease from smoking weed and I can't imagine people being mean and wearing a tank top with a beer in hand and beating their wife and kids, or having the delirium tremors from it like you get from chronic alcohol abuse.

    Women could get through the menopause with out being such a pain to them selfs and others, you don't have to smoke all day pack after pack, like you do with cigarettes to get some kind of relaxation. Fact is, I have a nerologial condition caused from a brain injury with its seizures and I have lost pretty much most of the use of my arm because of it but if I have a good Doobie I feel and can function a lot better, and life in general is a much better

    . The medical field knows this also and do you think they want you NOT" depended on them for such things, think about it. I don't toke on Doobies much rarely in fact, because of its not be legal and I don't want to deal with their head trips hassels which stress's me out more, but that is my take on it.


  • BrentR

    I would like to see it de-criminalized for no other reason then to have it more accesible to people who need it for medical reasons. My wife and I are starting to teach our daughter about drug abuse and the fact that tobacco and alcohol are legal but pot isn't defies all common sense and logic.

    If all drugs were legal the cost would drop and so would the crime rate since most crime is to pay for an expensive addictions. Back when I was the assistant manger for an ALS ambulance service part of my job was to purchase all the drugs used on an ALS ambulance. One of them is morphine which costs .89 cents for a 10mg ampule. Two ampules would take care of the most hardcore drug addicts. Who could not afford a $1.78 a day habbit? Medical grade cocaine is also very cheap and much safer to use.

    Along with de-criminalization the tax revenue should go towards rehab and pre-vention. The "war on drugs" has been a 35 year long dismal failure and we would not have much to lose by trying a new approach.

  • Sad emo
    Sad emo

    I'd like to see it legalised - but only for use in private places.

    Reason - People like me, who have a very sharp sense of smell will need scraping off the ceiling even just inhaling second-hand smoke (been there, done it, very pleasant experience but don't want to make a habit of it)

    emo the canary

  • lfcviking
    I think the major force against it is Budweiser, Seagrams and organized religion. None of them want competition for the consumers entertainment dollar.

    Interesting point JB

  • Homerovah the Almighty
    Homerovah the Almighty

    As far as other strong drugs like Meth., cocaine, and heroin, they should have even stronger laws laid out against the selling of these types of drugs, they do

    far more damage to the individual who uses them.

    As I mentioned in my previous post that here in BC we unfortunately have weak laws on all types of drugs, hence that is why Vancouver has the the worst drug problem per

    capital of any major city in North America.

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