Who thinks Cannabis/Marihuana should be legalised?

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  • bigwilly
    The main thing I've seen is that stoners don't seem to have motivation and are lethargic acting. That might be ok for some stations in life, but it certainly isn't desirable for most of them.

    That's why you chose a good time to do it, when you have a few hours to relax and unwind.

    Make sure you are with good friends. Being with jerks can make it a bad experience.

    There is another type of weed that can make you feel energized...not lethargic.

    One night I went for a jog after , and I felt like I could keep on running..

    I did not feel tired or winded, I just kept running - not quite like forrest, but almost!

    (yes, it was just weed. I knew the source).

    Well put Eclipse, personally I think alot of it is what you bring to the equation yourself. I prefer to get out and do things. I'm not a jogger, but I will literally walk for miles in an evening. I've spent plenty of time doing the lethargic bit in my time as well, but it's a personal choice. If you don't want to be a lazy stoner, don't

  • bigwilly

    bbdodger, I love ya for your taste in music but I've got some serious issues with your stance on this subject. Please don't take this as a personal attack.

    "It's a stupid thing to do, it sucks the life out of you, you forget how to have fun without it, and it makes you think you're more inspired than you actually are..."

    In my opinion this says more about you than the substance. It is what you make of it. If you let pot suck the life out of you, it will. If you depend on a substance to have fun, it's your dependancy that's the issue, not the substance itself. Some people need to "fill the hole" and will do so one way or another, for some it's a drug for others it's a religion. Blaming one's lack of motivation, lack of originality or enjoyment on a substance is dodging personal responsibility.

    "Marijuana smokers should be held under the same standards while as drinkers are when caught driving under the influence. AND... don't give me that BS about being a better driver while you're stoned, it simply doesn't fly."

    I completely agree with this one, driving under any influence is toying with your own life and the lives of others. No one has the right to toy with another person's life.

    "If our jails weren't clogged up with simple drug offenses, and the cops didn't have to waste time dealing with idiot stoners, it would be a better country. It would also be a safer country! The average stoner doesn't think about where his pot comes from, the deals and the dealers. There may have been someone killed for that Guatemalan Red Hair that you scored, but the stoner doesn't see that part of the deal."

    I admit being referred to as an idiot makes me prickle a little I do think about where the mj comes from. Why support South America, Canada or other places when you can support your local economy? Generally I make it a point to know where it's from. I make it a point to interact with people I know and trust not just through this mutual interest, but people who share my overall outlook and social beliefs. Just because you personally didn't think about these things doesn't mean everyone who ever smokes mj doesn't.

    Marijuana is very SOCIALLY addictive. You gain friends very quickly, and you bond with them very quickly too... but you'll lose them just as fast if you stop smoking pot."

    Again, your personal experience does not make this fact. I have near and dear friends that I have had for over 10 years that I met this way. It's just like any other social activity, you meet people you share a common interest with. Some of these people make a brief appearance in your social life, others make a life long impression. If you never made any long term friends, this says more about the quality of people you associated with, not the substance involved.

    Basically my issue is this; you are reaching some concrete and uninformed conclusions about a subject you have not truly been involved with for several years. You reaching them based on what it was like for you in your early 20's. To the best of my knowledge, there are very few socially responsible people at that age (there are a few rare exceptions), one cannot judge an entire subculture based on experiences with a population that is notoriously irresponsible.

  • sf

    Who thinks Cannabis/Marihuana should be legalised?


  • Gregor

    "We all must use common sense in a world where grass IS illegal regardless of how we personally feel about it."

    Abaddon, this was in response to John Doe pointing out that he would be taking a big chance on losing his employment if he tested positive. MJ is not worth that. The legalization of it has made a lot of progress in many states, Oregon in particular. This has come about through "grass" roots activism. I sign the petitions whenever asked but I'm not quite ready to set myself on fire in front of the state capitol. I lived next door to a fellow who had a med. MJ permit to use it and a special permit to grow it for others with the same permit card. He had converted a garage to a state of the art hydroponic farm and was allowed to grow, I think, 10 or 12 plants. It was the strongest stuff I had ever tried. He would occasionally give me a whole fistful of buds. I've heard about the volcano devices, never tried one. By the way, Christmas is just around the corner old pal.

  • Abaddon

    Sorry Gregor, wrong end of stick, my fault.

    I'm not quite ready to set myself on fire in front of the state capitol.

    Pssst... it's the spliff you "Catch a fire" to

    Couldn't help the Marley reference, it seemed "appropriate".

  • 5go
    Tax it, regulate it

    Libertarians, I hate you when you pull hypocritical crap like this. Why can't we just make possesion and growing legal just not the selling ? Oh wait that is right you want to make money off it. You do not really want enjoy it. You would rather have someone's kid become a total stoner a make a dollar off that, than force the ones that want marijuana to work for it via growing it themselves.

    I find most of the people that want it would grow it if they had a choise. I don't care for people to profit from weed production or other recreational drug use but, if they want bad enough let us give the them an avenue to get it legaly just not thru a corporate entity. Less we end up with yet another cigarette industry.

  • Forscher

    I guess I'll shock the s**t out of folks here,

    I personally believe that banning Marijuana was a bad mistake and done for all the wrong reasons. It is a bad policy which should be given up. I am not against regulation like tobacco and reasonable laws against driving while under its influence, but all in all I think current policy should be abandoned.


  • Forscher

    I guess I did shock folks!


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