Who thinks Cannabis/Marihuana should be legalised?

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  • lfcviking

    I think in most countries it is illegal to use this drug, so do you think it should be decriminalised, legalised & taxed, made legal for the medical proffesion or should it remain completely illegal? Please state your reasons for your choice.


  • bigwilly

    I am definitely in favor of legalization. There is so much jail space wasted on people guilty of marijuana posession that could be used for true criminals. The US government wastes an incredible amount of money demonizing pot when they could use the same funding to treat the cause of other drug addictions.

    Here in Oregon it's moderately legal. We have a medical mj program in place and posession of less than an ounce isn't criminal. One can really only get in trouble for growing (unless you have the medical card) or intent to distribute. To me it seems like the gov would be better off to treat pot like alcohol. Legalize it, regulate it and tax the shit out of it. Use that money for drug treatment and counselling programs for the serious addictions or to suppliment education funds.

    Personally, I see alot more crime and problems with other substances. I won't say that mj is "harmless", but definitely not as bad as the propaganda would have one believe.

  • eclipse

    In countries where it is legalized there is alot less crime in association with this drug.

    When it is legalized, it takes away some of the power from the drug lords and the black market.

    No matter what the laws are, there will always be drug use and drug trafficking.

    Legalizing the relatively harmless plant (harmless in comparison to chemicals like crystal meth), does not promote it's use.

    It just makes it easier for those who choose to smoke it to obtain it, rather than having to do it illegally and pay more for it.

    Legalization keeps the streets safer, imho. (note that I did not say safe)

  • heathen

    I agree it's costing way too much to enforce the laws on drugs . The main problem is that it's a black market and there are untold amounts of money that is tax free and can be buried in any other sort of commodities .I'm all for free choice in the matter tho I don't think they will legalize it all together. People can grow the stuff for themselves and avoid paying taxes on it. I do believe alcohol is a far more deadly substance and people love the stuff .

  • Dagney

    I've never used it, but absolutely feel it should be legalized.

  • bigwilly
    People can grow the stuff for themselves and avoid paying taxes on it. I do believe alcohol is a far more deadly substance and people love the stuff .

    Agreed on both counts, tho it should be noted that one can make their own alcohol and it's perfectly legal. I just throw alcohol out there for a regulation example. I am all for legalization, but think there would have to be control over how it was distributed. The "coffee shops" like they have in Netherlands and Canada would be a good idea. Almost like a bar or liquor store.

  • AK - Jeff
    AK - Jeff

    Why not, I say?

    I have not ever smoked it - but it seems to have no more damaging effects than alcohol. Tax it, control it, and it will soon be a non-issue.

    Is some crime associated with this drug? Yes. I have seen it myself. Robbery to obtain it [or the funds to buy it] is not uncommon. But it does not seem to be a drug that makes many people act violently - alcohol does that to many, and is a far bigger blight on the community than mj.

    I believe you could put the supporters of it's legal use into the process of deciding how it should be regulated. I know some very responsible mj users who own businesses and are good citizens - I am sure those sort of people would love to be involved in the process of bringing it to law. It's use is not without some negatives of course. But, overall, those who want to use it, do anyway. Might as well make it safe as possible and take in some taxes too.


  • Gregor

    When the laws make a fairly common, easy to grow, weed worth $400.00 an ounce it is going to cause problems. These include organized crime, otherwise honest taxpayers being put in jail and having their property seized, peace officers being killed, etc etc. Didn't anyone learn anything from prohibition? By the way, the two entities who benefit most from it being illegal are the crime lords and the DEA.

  • bigwilly
    Is some crime associated with this drug? Yes. I have seen it myself. Robbery to obtain it [or the funds to buy it] is not uncommon.

    Honestly, in my experiences tweekers (methamphetamine users) are far worse offenders. Due to it's non-addictive properties there are very few people who "jones" for mj and break the law to get their fix. Drugs like meth and heroin are seriously addictive and the users will literally steal anything they can turn into money for their fix. I have known several meth users over the years and they all manifest this sort of behavior. I've had people I considered to be close friends start stealing from myself and their other friends to fund their meth habit. In even more years associating with stoners I have never had this problem. The only exception being meth users who also smoke mj. Most people who are broke will either mooch or wait.

  • Homerovah the Almighty
    Homerovah the Almighty

    I would have to vote on legalizing it , controlling it like alcohol, taxing it under government control, laying fines on people that are high and driving just like booze.

    We have a serious problem here in BC with grow-ops being secretly built in homes that are rented, high priced illegal pot is alluring tons of criminals and gangs to

    are area with all the accompanying crime and even murders by these gangs, so it's a big problem here .

    It's interesting to note that we in BC here have the weakest laws on drugs in North America....ummm does that tell you something ?

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