I was raised from birth as a witness by my mother. My father was not a witness. Looking back I think of all the good things in life I missed because of the organization. An education, a career, playing sports, celebrating holidays, kind of being a social outcast. In 1983 at 31 years of age I had enough. Too many things didnt add up. I walked away, never went back. I didnt get df'd just didnt answer the phone or door. I read a lot, including the bible from cover to cover 5 times, in 3 different translations. Now I am probably an agnostic. I have searched the net and books for answers I cant say there are any that hold water. Since my leaving, about 10 years later, my mother, brother, sister and wife have left the organization all but my wife disassociated themselve by writing a letter. In my opion there are too many negative reprecussions doing it that way. My wife, left as I, just walked away, stopped going. She still can associate with her family which contains an handful of elders not that she does it a lot but she can go to family get togethers where as some of her family that took the disfelloshiping route can not. to be continued and edited. I write and record music and play in a band. Here is a link to some of my songs and pictures of the band. http://www.myspace.com/jaguarbassquinn