Who thinks Cannabis/Marihuana should be legalised?

by lfcviking 137 Replies latest jw friends

  • BrentR

    When you're stoned driving is way too much work.

  • sweetface2233
    Or breasts, if I had breasts... I would probably never leave home.

    Yeah, it's hard for me sometimes...luckily they are attached.

  • littlerockguy

    Legalize it!!

    *takes hit off pipe and passes it to the left*

  • 5go

    I am for keeping the ban on the selling of weed but not the possesion or growing of it. Same thing for the rest of those pesky plants that are easily turned into a drug for pleasure. If you want to take the time to grow it and smoke it who cares just don't sell it to some one else's kid !

    Marihuana isn't it spelled Marijuana

  • 5go

    This is 100% true.

    If you toke, don't drive. Get a DD.

    Driving impared is the same no matter if it is booze, drugs, or sleep loss it carries the same penalties.

  • lv4fer

    I think they should legalize it. It would be easier to control. They almost passed a law here in Nevada for legalizing it under 1 oz. It almost past. For now it is just legal if you have a prescription. It's no different then alcohol.

  • BrentR

    In the state of WA there has not been one instance of any marijuana related deaths. Compare that to alcohol or cigs.

    I watched a 90 year old JW man starve to death in a nursing home from loss of appatite. His daughter and I were out in the field service and she was telling me how horrible it is to see her dad waste away. I told her to try pot brownies with him and she nearly drove off the road. She was livid at me for even suggesting that. That was just one more hole that started to pierce the veil of the borg for me. That fact that she would not only shoot it down but to go off on me for even suggesting it.

    Looking back I am thankful for her rediculous and cold hearted attitude. It certainly accelerated my fade. I compare it to the game of Pick up Sticks in which you pull a wood stick out of the pile and try not to collapse it. Each stick removed weakens the pile until the last one is pulled and it comes tumbling down. Her attitude was a "big stick" in my borg pile.

  • sweetface2233
    I would total out the buffet table in minutes.

    Well, hot damn!! Good thing they are 24/7 all-you-can-eat and INCLUDED in the cabin price.

  • Cheetos

    Don't bogart that joint my friend won't you pass it to me, roll anther one...


  • darkuncle29

    I think that hemp should be legal to grow for industrial use. Hemp clothes, paper, hemp seed oil for soap and bio-diesel. Hemp fiber is superior to wood fiber.

    As for the "other" cannabis, I think it should not be illegal for responsible adults to make their own choice. Tax it, regulate it. I personally don't care for smoking it, but rather like to make hot cocoa, I've wanted to try baked goods. I think people dying of chronic and painful diseases should be allowed to posess, grow, use as much as they need to feel relief.

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