I walked off the job today....

by Terry 103 Replies latest jw friends

  • lalliv01

    Terry, so sorry to hear you are going through a troubling time. I hope all turns out well for you.

    A while back, on another thread, you said something to the effect that you had a god-size hole in the

    middle of your being, something like that. Terry, I don't know exactly what you meant by that, only you

    know. That statement says alot about your existence. I think if one is going around with a big "hole" in

    the middle of his being, for whatever reason, one is burdened with a heavy load. Good fortune to you and yours as you

    battle this malady.

  • trevor


    Some people are diesel trucks that run slowly on, forever on a tank of gas. Others are Ferraris that deliver a high performace but need regular tuning and special care.

    You can't put out that much without taking care of the engine that provides it. Being human there is an emotional element that has been neglected.

    All the best - love your posts, they have helped me a lot


  • moshe

    Sorry Terry- and you had so many good answers to our questions a couple of weeks ago- wish we had the answer you need now.

  • tijkmo
    It was like being a passenger in my own body/head.

    pretty much how i feel most days...

    sorry you are...cos it sucks

  • bebu

    I really hope you will find out why this is happening, and get the appropriate help.

    Take care of yourself!!


  • sweetstuff

    ((((HUGS)))) So sorry to hear about this Terry, it sounds like a nightmare. To not understand what is going on with yourself or why, terrifying doesn't even begin to cover it. I am glad you are going to see someone about it, I would suggest seeing a medical doctor as well. This could be a result of something neurological as well. (People might be wondering what I am talking about, there are a variety of conditions and viruses that can cause strange behavior in a person. Neurosyphilis is one example. Not suggesting in any way this is the cause of your problem! I should clarify that!) Whatever the cause, my thoughts are with you and I hope you feel well and whole soon.

  • journey-on

    My gosh, Terry. Look at how many people have viewed this thread and responded. People care about you, my friend. Keep us posted.

  • ronin1

    Hi Terry:

    I'm glad you are going for help.

    Many years ago I was at work in my boss' office and was having a nervous breakdown and did not know it.

    My boss took one look at me, told me I was having a breakdown, gave me the name of a mental health professional and told me to go immediately.

    His quick thinking and help eventually saved my life.

    Get all the help you need and please take care of yourself.


  • changeling

    Please make sure and make that appointment Monday. I'm no mental healtheprofessional but I think you're depressed.

    Take care,


  • Terry


    You guys are truly amazing! You can't get this kind of support at the Kingdom Hall

    I'm going to utilize the Employee Assistance Program at work.

    They pay for five full sessions with a counselor whenever you need it.

    I push myself to hard, I know. I'm terrible about not asking for time off. I don't take sick days and I get to work at least half an hour before I'm scheduled.

    In my family we weren't allowed to show weakness and that sticks with you.

    Well, my brain and body are telling me to get out of my own way and back off.

    So, I better listen this time.

    Thank you all for your incredibly kind thoughts. I won't forget it.

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