When I was a young man there was very little independent information about Jehovah's Witnesses religion. The web did not exist and the library in the large town I lived in had just one small book, written by an ex-member. Had there been more information available, my doubts about what is termed 'the truth' would have been confirmed and the course of my life would have been altered. Having been raised in this religion and then left, it is understandable that I feel a need to share my experience with others. The non-fiction book Opening the Door to Jehovah's Witnesses was my first book. The updated version is entitled Can Jehovah’s Witnesses Survive? The latest book, written as a novel, is entitled Obey Jehovah God! (All are available on Amazon in Kindle and in book format.) Reading about the experience of other people who have walked a similar path can be of great benefit. I wish you well in your journey through life and hope that you find what you are looking for. Trevor Willis