Hi, Awake made me feel I should put something on here, so here goes.. I am a single mom of two girls, light of my life! Been out for 6 years, enjoying every minute of freedom since. I love to write, mostly poetry, I love art, used to paint, haven't since being a mommy, will someday get back into it. I was married for eight years, single two, halleluah!! AMEN! I am not religious at all, I consider myself agnostic, I believe there is something out there, I don't believe we got here by chance, however, I could be wrong and I admit it. I love to travel, been to England, parts of USA, NYC was my fave! Want to see, Europe, Australia, New Zealand and Eygpt someday. I have a penchant for dark chocolate, great wine and sci fi movies, total sci fi nerd, (I own the Lord of the Rings Triology, *blush*) I love to cook, hate cleaning the damn mess up! OK, that's about it for now, geesh, that sounds alot like a singles ad LMAOOOOOOOO!!!! Speaking of which, I think I will add an old singles add, so you get my sense of humour! Here goes: Ok, well sent mr. wrong to china, UPS, hey it was cheap, what can I say? LOL, I love to joke around, so, if you cannot take a joke, we wont click. If however you love witty banter and can laugh at life, feel free to drop me a line. I could say all the regular stuff about being big hearted, loyal, etc, etc, but now that would be boring right? Looking for someone mentally stable, completely honest, no strange fetishes, (trust me, I write that for a reason!) who knows what they want in life and where they are. Aka, a mature man, emotionally, mentally, but not physically, I mean come on, if you you look like my dad, that is soo not going to happen! Ok, reasons to read this profile and then jog along: a. you are married or taken already. b. you have a split personality and are only let out on day passes. c. you are looking for a booty call. d. your mom still washes your laundry. e. you still live with mom and or dad. f. your idea of emotional intimacy is that lovely full feeling after gulping down yer favorite beer during the football game. g. you want to do things to me that are illegal in many countries. h. you dont want to try anything remotely illegal on me. i. you refer to a chick with kids as having baggage. (last I checked, they can't be thrown in a trunk) j. your idea of articulating your words is not saying eh at the end of each sentence. k. you are checking right now to see if k comes after j. l. you are baffled, as you recite the a, b, c, d........ Now if you laughed along with this little rant, and took it as it was intended, feel free to say hi. I promise, I don't bite, unless asked really nicely. P.S. If you took any of that seriously and crossed yourself off the list for any of the above, well enough said, have a good day and keep on trucking!