I walked off the job today....

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  • Sad emo
    Sad emo

    Hi Terry

    I get these times too. Combining great comments by Nvr and Clam:

    Part of your brain is looking out for the rest of you.

    Listen to it.

    You take care of yourself and don't get too anxious.

    This tends to be my coping strategy now as antidepressants tend to have a very negative effect on me so I have to avoid them. I try to 'savour' the disconnectedness whilst it's there - to relax and go with it instead of fighting against it. I give myself permission to be 'lazy', and have extra treats (Cafe Nero over here!!). I find I can calm down and resume 'normal' life quicker when I do this.

    Wishing you peace and wholeness.

  • Gerard

    Your body and mind are exposing symptoms, they are telling you something. Such shutdown *may* suggest an overload, stress or frustration. I don't buy the concept of phychotherapy but a trained councelor can give you the tools to figure it out and manage stability.

    I just finished an intensive course and the greatest tool I have is knowing and implementing:

    Upset is optional.

    You are a brilliant person, Terry. Work it out without judgements on yourself.


  • happehanna

    Look after yourself. When something similar like that happened to me. I sought out a therapist and took a whole year off to think and be still !

  • Maddie

    Hi Terry,

    Sorry you felt like that, it sounds like anxiety, which can show itself in lots of different ways.

    I hope you feel better soon.


  • snowbird

    Terry, first of all .

    I'm happy to see that you have an understanding boss. Something similar happened to me in ' 05. It sounds like too much stimuli leading to brain overload. I concur with you and all other posters that an appt with a professional is in order.

    Also, please pay attention to what you are eating. There is research going on that suggests it's best to eat foods that are compatible with our blood types. You can find info about this simply by googling EATING ACCORDING TO YOUR TYPE.

    I want you to know that I think you're one brilliant, funny, acerbic, and all-around great guy. Please, please take care of yourself. JWD just wouldn't be the same without you.

    Peace and love,


  • Homerovah the Almighty
    Homerovah the Almighty

    Sorry to here about your problem fellow

    I was just wondering if you can trace back to a particular incident when you were at the store that you first felt this anxiety come over you.

    I'm curious if this was a stress related incident related to work at the store that triggered things or a personal problem perhaps with another employee.

    Be your own psychologist if you can and walk yourself backwards. It's possible at times to find answers for yourself after some contemplation of past events.

    The key to resolving a personal problem is you must first identify what the problem is and make it known to yourself.

    Heads up and take care !

  • brunnhilde

    Terry, I just want you to know I'm glad you're taking care of yourself. You are fascinating and infuriating (and I'm an atheist, lol!) and I respect you enormously.


  • Narkissos

    Hey Terry,

    I'd just like to wave at you without throwing another long-distance amateur diagnosis in the dark...

    Just a personal reflection:

    There may be more to life than functioning.

    Without some dys-functioning, how would we know?

    Take care.

  • fifi40

    Whatever the past...........you are dear to me

    So I hope you can get through this and find the right help if required or just peace and calm in your soul.........from personal experience when you feel 'nothing' it is usually overload of feeling too much.......your mind/body is saying it has had enough.....

    Take care and know this to shall pass


  • Blueblades

    Terry! Just a suggestion, I'm no doctor, however, It could be that your brain is tired. You are a thinker and that takes a lot of mental work. When was the last time that you took out time for yourself and just did nothing? It's hard to shut the mind off. Some kind of diversion from your regular routine might be the break you need.

    Wishing you all the best, take good care of yourself. You have many friends here who care very much for you. You are a giver and givers just like caretakers suffer from giving and caring for others more than themselves.


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