new watchtower mag arrangement

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  • wannaexit

    SOOO let me think this through. There is going to be one mag/rag for the public and one mag/rag for the insiders.

    Seems to me the Kool-aid glass is going to get passed around a lot quicker. The leadership is slowly distancing the flock and isolating it and becoming more cultish at an alarming rate.The noose is tightening up. They are going to be beating their fellow brothers a lot harder.

    I can wait to see what the content of the insider mag/rags will be like


  • Save My Soul
    Save My Soul

    When is this scheduled to happen?

    Any ideas?

  • garybuss

    From my perspective, the Watch Tower Publishing Corporation hates Jehovah's Witnesses. This change will make the anti Witness rants private as they should be, much like the Kingdom Ministry publication.

    The discouraging articles that disrespect the Witness people can roll on with impunity.

  • startingover

    Sharing the opening post with a JW friend, he said he had heard it already. I asked what his take on it was, and he was happy about it. Said it was hard trying to match up the magazines when it was 2 to 1. Also that it doesn't make a lot of sense to have the study articles in a journal you give to the general public, especially someone who doesn't have a bible background.

    Thinking back on my JW days, when anything new came along it was great. Didn't really matter what it was, I never gave it a second thought about why it was being done, I was just thrilled to see something new and different. That's why they can cut and paste info from an old book, change the name and JW's are all excited about it.

  • itsallgoodnow

    I too wonder why they wouldn't have done this years ago. But I assume it's hard to make changes in the organization with too many old guys stuck in their ways. As they die off, more decisions which could make "cents" will be made. From their standpoint, I can see why they would want to do this. A "nice" message for the newly interested, and once you have them hooked, (and by the time they come to the meeting, they are hooked on something) then you can expose them to the less desirable side of being in a cult.

    I don't think it will really attract any new members they wouldn't have attracted the old way, there's a sucker born every day after all. Fortunately for most of the suckers, Al Gore invented the internet. Either way, their jig is up all over the place online and this new "arrangement" probably can't prevent a curious but resourceful interested "one" from finding out before it's too late.

    It's probably more about saving money but not changing anything in a drastic way. Keeping the believers busy with the preaching work even though it's a royal waste of their time, and after all that's what it's for.

    Thanks for the heads up on the new policy. I would've never known.

  • orangefatcat

    I thinkthat the organization is completely paranoid. They have made several changes in the past several months. Now they fear the apostates may get copies of the watchtower magazine. the 15th of each month issue.

    And that will happen, there will always be a way to get that study article watchtower.

    I know speaking for myself I can get any thing I want from my ex husband, he is always happy when I ask for literature. So where there is a will there is a way. So Blondie if you run out of resources to get a copy of these WTs let me know, but I know you, you are quite adept at getting things. What will we do if you don't do your wkly study? I just bet it pisses the ones monitoring this site get crazy when they see what you say of the study articles. Way to go girl.

    not to long ago someone posted a site to hear a watchtower speaker say that the preaching work has been fulfilled. So why is has the WTS got their knickers in a knot? Why all the suspence,? I must concide to this idea, that the WTS has had alot of bad publicity lately. Just two days ago the Toronto Sun spoke of the sextuplits born out west. The governments interference is not what they want at all. But I see this happening the government will impose its right to take children under age 16 from the parental rights to allow the children to have transfusions. After 16 then that is different. I think anyway most of time the WTS is so melo-dramatic they bring much of the bad publicity onto themselves. I still say it is

    Paranoia, paranoia paranoia...



  • mavie
    the 15th of the month edition will be only hardcore study articles, specific info for jw's only and will NOT be offered or distributed to the general public or irregular meeting attendees

    I would imagine this would actually be irregular publishers. If you miss one month in field service, no Watchtower for you.

    It's funny, I gave the KM Service Meeting part back in Dec 2005 about the switch to a monthly Awake. Things seem to be changing quite a bit.

  • truthseeker

    As long as their are silent dissenters there will always be freedom of information.

    It wouldn't matter if the Watchtower went quarterly - there are far too many JW "actors" living the perfect JW life who know it's a load of crap.

  • truthsetsonefree

    Ladies and gents, rumor confirmed. It was read in a letter to congregations in the US starting Tuesday night. Two Watchtowers, one for the public, the other for the R&F. Actually it is my belief that they are doing this to INCREASE the cultishness of the WT. Consider that people now will not be buying articles about the slave and WT doctrine and "new light." This is a control move folks, make no mistake about it.


  • betterdaze

    tsof, did the letter mention if "interested ones" would be allowed to attend the Sunday WT study at the KH?
    How will they handle people who are studying, but not yet baptized publishers? Or those who may wander in from off the street?


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